Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pulling Rabbits Out Of Hats

In the realm of magic, as Penn Jillette has pointed out, the key elements in getting an audience to believe are willingness to be tricked, and misdirection. When a rabbit is pulled out of a hat, or a baton changed into a dove, no one really believes that such physical transformations happen. Yet, because of the magician's skill and deftness, even when we watch the illusion up-close and step by step, we often have no idea how he fools us.

Tonight, the whoring magicians in the U.S. Senate will very likely overrule the wishes of their nominal constituents, the American taxpayers, and pass a bill handing over the [initial] amount of $700,000,000,000.00 to the Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson. Paulson will, according to the plan, use that money to "free business credit" and "absorb toxic debts" of the major investment banks remaining, and of other institutions. We have been told ad nauseum by the government-scripted, controlled media that it must be passed "for Wall Street or terrible things will happen on Main Street". Seven-hundred-thousand-million dollars, mortgaged against the future earnings of working Americans to pay off bad investments.

Several years ago, I made a choice to put money into a property when I should have walked away. A series of disastrous happenings landed me in front of a municipal court, facing environmental violations which had been accruing for seven months at the rate of $310 per DAY, seven days a week. These fines emanated from an agreement to abate a problem which the contractor reneged on. Three days from the court date, I found a buyer who could handle the abatement and unloaded the property to him. The court agreed to drop the accrued fines which totaled almost $70,000. However, I still lost almost $20,000 over that time. Yet, no one offered to pay off my debt, and no Senator pleaded my case. My bad business decision was mine alone, as it should be.

In the 1980's, a group of banking-type institutions, the Savings & Loans, which had been a backbone of American community finance for almost 100 years, began to get into trouble. As deregulation proceeded, the S&L's, in order to compete with banks, began to extend mortgages to riskier buyers. In the mid-80's, the mortgage market softened, and a chain reaction of failure spread. The American taxpayers were socked with a bill for over $125-billion, and it did not stop the crash. The FSLIC, which was the FDIC for Savings & Loans, was destroyed. In the end, the industry was swallowed by the banks.

During Bill Clinton's presidency, an effort began to get "every person into an affordable house", a ridiculously naive idea by the ridiculously naive Left. The problem was, low-income and no-income people weren't in houses for a good reason: they couldn't handle debt, couldn't hold jobs that paid decent wages, and were almost entirely financially unreliable. There was, in the minds of the social engineers, a solution for this: the Subprime Mortgage, which began to be used in re-urbanization projects in 1994 and gained more traction over time.

Subprime mortgages are those with initial rates below the prime rate banks themselves pay for borrowed money, financed for subprime borrowers, those who would not normally qualify for a home mortgage. The hook is, the buyer can now afford a home, or a home which he couldn't afford under normal circumstances (either in terms of size or neighborhood), and was seen as a way to break minority families into predominantly-White neighborhoods. And for 1 to 3 years, normally, the rate of payment stays nice and low.

There were two assumptions built into these loans. The first was, the buyer would most likely be doing better financially after the pre-adjustment period, and so would be better able to afford a higher payment. The second, which was the backbone of the plan, was that the price of housing, and therefore the equity in one's house, would continue to climb over time. If that happened, a new fixed-rate mortgage could often take over the adjustable-rate note and everything would be normalized.

There was a push by the Clinton Administration to hand out these loans, but the banks were understandably reluctant to do so, having the S&L debacle fresh in their greedy minds. But the government gave them assurances and authorized private mortgage insurance carriers (such as AIG) to handle coverage for the banks, and other government-backed entities (FNMA/"Fannie Mae" and FHLMC/"Freddie Mac") to carry loans directly. The Federal Reserve also agreed to push out funds if banks needed short- to mid-term carrying capital. However, things didn't heat up until 1999, when Clinton made the housing issue a priority and began to pressure banks, taking a page from the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and its favoritism toward low-income minority borrowers.

The banks worked hard to lend as much money as possible under the subprime scheme, and began to open more capital for the program. As this happened, demand for homes began to rise. Housing, which had previously been seen as a fixed asset, began to be viewed as a commodity. Housing began to be played like stocks, and the price began to rise, geometrically in many markets. People also began to borrow against their newfound equity, using their homes as ATMs, which in turn devalued them overall. This added to the boom of the late 90's and into the 21st Century, but took down ownership interest which had built up over years.

By the time of 9/11, the market was so pricey in many locations that buyers were beginning to decrease. However, people continued to believe in the growth factor, so the market remained strong. By 2002-03, most observant economists saw the coming end of the bubble. The market was largely tapped out in terms of growth, and the traditional buyers were thinning. So again, the push was on to get "asses in the seats", to get existing homes sold, and to keep the new construction market pumped. The only way to do that was a massive push to get those otherwise-unqualified buyers in, in record numbers. The insinuation to get these loans made was that, because the vast majority of subprime borrowers were Black and "hispanic", anyone who opposed the idea was "racist".

Meanwhile, the same banks also knew that these loans, which were dependent on escalating housing prices, were doomed to fail. For instance, Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks and former domain of Treasury Secretary Paulson, was playing both sides of the coin. They were modestly selling subprimes while at the same time buying puts (rights to sell stock) in their competitors operations, including Lehman Brothers. They knew enough to know that they needed to hedge their bets and save their tails when the bottom fell out. And they knew it would fall out.

The entire subprime framework was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning, dependent upon impossibly constant gains in housing prices to sustain itself. It was driven to failure with the addition of millions of home buyers who should (and would) never have been given a second look for the money without the Federal guarantees in place.

As the dominos began to fall, as the banks which had (as with the S&L's) extended themselves for the quick dollar began to head for the toilet, so too did the pressure begin to build on the companies which insured those assets, including AIG. The insurors turned to the Federal government and demanded, as per their agreement, that Washington bail them out. In AIG's case, the President, who is disallowed from doing such things by the Constitution which he so disdains, bought ownership rights in the name of the American taxpayers against future gains. The price tag: $85-billion. The Bush people also gave incentives to companies that bailed out some of the failing institutions, such as Wachovia.

The problem was, and is, that there are many other "bets" on the performance of the subprime lending scam, called "derivatives". This is an unregulated market, run by small firms which spread the paper out far and wide. A total of perhaps $55-TRILLION is out there, relying on the continuation of the game. The people who've played these bets are often the same ones who run retirement and pension funds and other "straight" investment operations. The people who run the government know this and are beholden to these money people. The entire U.S. budget for 2008 is about $2.9-Trillion for comparison, so the estimated mortgage-related derivatives equal about 19 times the annual expenditures of the entire country. And the sum of all derivatives markets may involve an inconceivable $1.4-QUADRILLION.

Unfortunately, despite the threats of Wall Street to throw a hissy-fit and crash the market, this bailout is only a temporary respite even if passed in its entirety. To prove this, you may note that the FED just released $630-Billion into the banking economy to keep things afloat (on top of $180-billion last week). That money further erodes the value of the American dollar. China is getting anxious, so is Japan, and both are beginning to attach strings to the billions we borrow from them, most of which is paying for the Iraq conflict our kids are dying in for Israel's benefit, at $15-billion per month.

The foundation of the bailout plan rests on rotten timbers. The housing market bubble, like tech stocks, has passed and won't be back anytime soon. Mortgages in amounts far greater than the market value of the houses they cover are piling up. Borrowers are walking off, new buyers aren't there. We are throwing $700-BILLION into a rat-hole. It will be followed by more demands for more payments we can't make. The stock market will have, perhaps, one last hurrah to allow the swindlers to retrieve what's left of their money. Washington will probably open up bulk gold sales to allow the same bastards to convert their funds and head out of the country.

We are standing on the precipice of the worst economic storm to ever hit the United States, one which will dwarf the Great Depression, one which may completely tear the country apart. The Army has decided to station an Army division within the U.S. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is busy constucting detention centers across the country. Mexico's leadership has stated that they will defend their borders if we try to repatriate illegals. Our European allies, what's left of them, have no sympathy for us. What's coming is almost unimaginably bad. And ALL of the candidates for the White House are in lockstep for the destruction of our country.

The time for preparation is almost over. As a good Christian friend of mine used to say, "The time's coming to get a patch, get a gun, and get right with God". I couldn't agree more. Get together with your friends and family, get as far away from the cities as you can, get supplied, and may the Holy Ones look kindly upon you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Feed, They Breed, Etc.

One thing I've noticed in conversations over the past several weeks has been a growing general sense of unease in people. Some of it is an adverse reaction of White people to the idea of an Obama presidency, but many Whites look at McCain with equal disdain and mistrust. Bush's tyrannical, Executive Order-saturated tenure is, mercifully, coming to a close. The most power-drunk, smug, sanctimonious, condescending, sarcastic and anti-Constitutional adult child ever to hold the highest office in the U.S. is finally heading off into the sunset, and if we ever hear from him again, it'll be too soon.

The American people are facing a coming together of many currents, and each day a different one becomes the priority. The housing market collapse, the fluctuating price of fuel, dizzying gold and silver peaks and valleys, the continuing decline of the dollar, job losses, increasing imbalance of trade, the tensions over Iran, and Georgia's attack of South Ossetia followed by Russia's military response are the headline grabbers that keep people wondering.

But all of these things share a commonality: they are essentially externals. Between 1787 and 1965, the U.S. saw its share of good and bad times, scandals, booms, busts, expansions, wars, and change. But we got through those times, including the worst economic depression ever seen, and came out whole. The main reason had nothing to do with what we had or how we earned a living or the price of a cup of coffee. The "how", the "why" and the "where" were meaningless. It was entirely about the "who". During all those trials, we were a land where 9 out of 10 of us were White people.

Yesterday, I read a new projection, crowed about by the Leftists in the media who want the White race destroyed. It claimed that Whites will no longer be a numerical majority in the U.S. by the year 2042, eight years earlier than previously predicted. It also stated that school-aged White kids are already under the 50% mark, with "hispanics" being the fastest-growing non-White group. Of course, this doesn't mean that Whites will be a minority then, only that we will be a plurality, the largest group among many. However, minority status will not be far behind.

This got me thinking about another tidbit of information I'd seen a few months ago. A demographer did some calculations, taking into account the high birthrate among Mexicans and other "hispanics" living within the United States, and using a figure of 20-million illegal criminal aliens among them. His conclusion was that, even if we closed the border, tight as a drum, at this very moment, "hispanics" would still be a majority by 2050 or so. It would only avoid the 2042 transition for a few extra years. But in fact, the border remains open and pregnant Mexican women come into the U.S. to have their "anchor babies" here and drag their entire family's future into America's.

What effects will a non-White majority have on this land, on our People and our children? It will not be positive, of that I am absolutely certain. Although we are not "allowed", as a Race, to display pride in public, and condemned as "haters" for attempting to do so, other Races hold us responsible for what happened to their people 50, 100 or 300 years ago. We get the blame without any reward. It's a lose/lose situation for European-Americans.

The major "hispanic" movement, "The Council of La Raza" (The Race), is anti-White and anti-American. Its primary goal is the "return" of lands allegedly stolen from Mexicans, and the completion of "Reconquista" (re-conquest). Anyone who thinks that these folks will be level-headed and kind, if they succeed in their plan, is nuts. And several institutions, like Wachovia Bank, have made major contributions to this openly racist group. On the heels of this, we are also being rapidly besieged by such lovely people as the ultra-violent, racist MS-13 gang, which originated in El Salvador*.

So, "hispanics" will be the predominant contenders for power. In spite of their claims, most of the Southwest was held by local, native tribes, not Mexican Indians like the Chihuahuas. They have no "entitlement" to it. And without question, they have exactly ZERO right or claim in any of the Southern, Northwestern, Midwestern or Eastern states.Yet they continue to swarm into those places, lured in by mostly upper-class Whites, people whose avoidance of hard work and emphasis on easy living is now legendary. As with the introduction of slavery into the Colonies, fault for the influx of Mexican CrimMigrants lies in the greed of these White Americans.

Blacks also want us to lose our majority status. In the meantime, they, through their media whores and minstrels like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (you know, the "reverend" who called Obama a nigger and threatened to cut off his balls, to no outcry from the "Black community"?) want more and more from White Americans every year. In the early 1950s, a jewish-created organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) used its political connections to force school integration on White Americans. This was needed because "discrimination" prevented Black kids from succeeding. The missing factor was, and remains, that American Blacks test out, on average, in the 85 IQ range, to the White kids 100. This isn't racist propaganda, it's hard science. As I've admitted, White men can't jump, but Black men can't do linear algebra.

However, White America suspended its collective disbelief and integration spread from schools to neighborhoods to churches to politics. During that time, White people came up with what I call "guilt programs": welfare and later AFDC, food stamps, HeadStart, Affirmative Action, racial quotas in hiring and education, reduced fees and college tuition for minorities, free or reduced-cost name it, White people have offered these gifts to Blacks, because we "treated them so awfully in the past". Well of course, slavery is a horrible policy. But after it was over, the children of those slaves had the highest standard of living among non-Whites anywhere in the world.

After all that, White people are now expected to get in line for reparations payments for "our" part in slavery. The fact that not a single living person in the U.S. was ever directly affected by or participated in slavery on either side is no deterrent.

In the end, we are the butt of every negative attitude possible among non-Whites. We are despised by them, hated, targeted. The rhetoric of Obama's Black supporters echoes this. In spite of this, the direction of immigration is always a flow of non-Whites into White countries. If we're so awful, so "racist", why do they want to be among us?

But, what will happen when we're no longer "in charge", when our lands are no longer ours, when we are not leaders but subjects? How might things change?

Let's see...Whites have invented pretty much every object, device and system that makes modern life livable. This runs from conveniences like television, telephones, electric lighting, automobiles, aircraft, internal combustion engines, electronics, and computers, to life-sustaining systems that allow six-billion humans to inhabit this planet: mass agriculture (including chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides as well as plant hybridization and improved seed storage), modern medicine including epidemiology, recycling and reduction of waste products and pollutants, and energy-efficient construction and operational techniques. These contributions have allowed most of the 3rd World to survive childhood and have large families. In fact, it has allowed the world's population balance to shift from 34% White in 1900 to between just 8-10% today. We can't know for sure, because many countries don't want to alarm their White residents by posting correct census figures. But we can say with certainty, for instance, that there are more Indians or Chinese or Africans on Earth than all White people combined. We are only a majority in a few places, for now.

And when large non-White families arrive in this land, courtesy of Emmanuel Celler's and Ted Kennedy's 1965 inversion of the immigrant ratios, we generally pay for them in one way or another. That money will be gone.

White Folk need to make hard decisions, and soon. We need to turn a critical eye on our apparent willingness to contribute to our own extinction. Will we expend our talents, our creativity, our work and our time to help others or ourselves? Will we continue to give away our technologies to those who can't properly use them or keep them for our own enrichment and progress? Will we continue to live among people who hate us, or form our own lands and let them fend for themselves without us? These and other choices will be made, either by us or for us.

It's time we worked together to ensure our own future. It's time for us to put ourselves first and let the chips fall where they will. It's time for us to part company with the leeches who are draining our resources, filling our spaces and abusing our Folk. It's time for the restoration of White Nations.

(* Note: many thanks to Mad Casper for his editing!)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pushing Back

Last night, I heard yet another politician going on about the "immigration crisis". Whenever I see the word "crisis" in conjunction with either government or media nitwits, the situation becomes clear. It's just another series of events which either or both of those entities have watched and "analyzed", and done absolutely nothing constructive to prevent or correct. In many cases, the actions of the politicos have made everything much worse, or directly caused the "crisis". Examples of these include the ballooning of the mortgage market, the decline of the dollar, and the current disastrous speculation in the petroleum market.

There are some facts to consider when we think about illegal immigration. It's been going on for decades. It was largely enabled by the measured failure of government to do its Constitutional duty and enforce border laws. Once it was known that people wouldn't be stopped upon entry (and even if arrested, would not be jailed, but deported at the border), certain employers began to hire these workers for sub-legal wages and unregulated hours. This began in the agriculture industry, and spread to manual labor, then to unskilled and now, skilled labor. In a time when apprenticeships have become outmoded for citizens as cost-ineffective, illegals have learned new skills and gained experience because they make far less money. This allows sloppier work and looser schedules without dismissal, because even correcting bad work costs less than paying someone to do it right the first time. Simple economics. And as time has gone by, the Western world has learned to accept incompetence, delays, workers who don't speak the local language, and a growing population of those people inside their countries.

In the U.S., there are estimates ranging from 12- to 30-MILLION people within the borders who simply do not belong here. The current mob of invaders are demanding the "right" to transplant their national identities into America completely intact, while expecting Americans to fund their families (over a third of illegals are on welfare and/or food stamps), their kids' educations (many states have laws requiring all children to be educated in public schools, even in their "native languages"), and take care of their health (most American hospitals have to treat anyone who shows up in emergency rooms, even if not for emergencies; this is causing more and more hospitals to shut down every year). There are many sources of unbiased information which were used to dismantle the "What if [illegal] immigrants disappeared" argument that illegals are vitally needed by Americans. We don't need them, they need us. Otherwise, we'd be looking to Mexico, Nicaragua, etc. for life lessons.

The political windbag I was listening to was discussing the patent foolishness of any idea which would remove the illegal population from the U.S. In other words, in his opinion, there's no way we will ever restore America to a nation with actual boundaries which can't be crossed. Can't even be reasonably discussed, said he. I hadn't checked, but he may also be a supporter of the North American Union, which promotes erasing our borders entirely, and replace dollars with "ameros". These would be the same bastards who have been destroying the fabric of Europe, by the same methods.

My response to this is simple. I propose that we leave the professional military in Iraq, as they prepare to wage war against Iran and further float Israel's aggressive dominance in the Middle East on an ocean of young American blood. They are mercenaries at the moment, having been deluded into believing they are defending Americans at home. Yes, they should be here, shoring up the borders, but they are not coming back en masse for many years. I wish them well and hope they survive.

But on the home front, there's a simpler solution: a deputization by popular vote, under authority of the 2nd Amendment.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
Make all able-bodied adult citizens Immigration Enforcement Officers. Give them militia-like capacity to arrest, detain, deport and if necessary, to shoot illegals. This is the way our ancestors, from the Founders on, would have handled the problem.

Citizens currently outnumber the illegal invaders at 10 to 1 or better. In another generation, they will be citizens themselves along with another 20-million who drift across the border to gain amnesty. There is no more time left to us to waste. If we wait, we hasten the creation of the new Mexination of "Aztlan" in our Southwest.

The corollary to this lies at the other end: ridding ourselves of the internal problem children who've gotten us to this point: the arrogant politicians who opened our country to this, the avaricious business owners who paid them to come here, and the controlled media which cheered it all on.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fourth and Goal

Every week during football season, people get together and talk about the weekend game. There is debate about offense and defense, officiating and penalties. Coaching strategies are dissected, and after it's all been rehashed, the next game talked about. We all know this as "Monday morning quarterbacking". It's a semi-humorous method of taking the coach's place. Of course, it has no effect on the previous game or the next one, but millions engage in it anyway. It lets off steam and allows people to identify with a particular sport or team as a fan, because they can't actually play the game on a professional level. Occasionally, we hear of fans being called "hobbyists", because their patronage is simply a diversion from the daily grind of life.

I've recently begun to have this feeling about White Nationalist (WN) forums. If you go to any of these and read the posts, you'll find that someone has THE answer for any problem currently afflicting the White race. In fact, several do. Every incident, under whatever topic, is carefully peeled down, analyzed, regarded with respect to its impact on White people, and then...not much else.

At first glance, it seems a bit strange that, while the New World Order folks have been busy tearing down every civil right possessed by Americans, racialist internet forums have largely been left alone. Yes, there have been attacks by individuals and even small groups of interlopers, but there has been no serious government clamp-down on WN forums. Many have found that hard to believe, but there's method to the apparent oversight. The people in power understand that, even among WNs, the Sheep Factor is still going strong.

In a forum for, say, Corvette enthusiasts, one commonality is, most of the posters actually do things which they then write or ask questions about. For instance, they may install some performance equipment, then a post appears, and others make pro and con comments, offer advice, share their own experience, and so on.

The problem with WN forums is, there is a practical limit on what people there can (and will) do outside the forum. It's called "criminal behavior". And most, therefore, have resigned themselves to writing and ranting.

The reason for this is simple. Right now, White people around the world are facing the most hostile period in the history of our Race. Having won the Second War to Kill White People (WW2), the zio-communists (variously called "leftists", "liberals", "Democrats", and more recently "Republicans") have since spent their time infiltrating Western governments and completely overhauling various policies to ensure that Whites are now on the defensive on all fronts. This has taken the form of various imposed ideologies and other alterations, such as forced racial integration, affirmative action and quotas, feminism, promotion of homosexuality, open borders and defense of CrimMigration, currency debasement, and the erasure of national identities.

What this has done is placed White people in a quandary. Whites are prevented, in many cases under color of law, from rebutting legal and moral assaults against themselves. If a White person harms a non-White, it's almost always classified as a "hate crime", while the reverse is almost never true, even when self-evident. If a White person condemns the policies of Israel or the behavior of individual jews (Asiatic ethnics), the "anti-semitism" flag is raised (although, tellingly, there is no opposite equivalent for jews dumping on White people). Politicians pander to every group except Whites, whom they apparently see as irrelevant. As a group, the system tells White people, in essence, to sit down and shut up.

President John F. Kennedy recognized the danger in suppressing healthy resistance to oppression when he said, "He who makes peaceful revolution impossible, makes violent revolution inevitable." If steam is passed through a series of valves and pipes, a house is warmed. If the steam is contained, the boiler builds pressure and eventually explodes. If White people can't even express their frustrations without being called "racists", "haters" or worse; if White men can't defend their women and families without being hauled into court; if White groups can't gather on their own time and in their own places without intrusion by a dozen other groups, then serious, irreversible problems begin to fester.

The forum postings provide a regulated vent for many people, allowing them to become Keyboard Kommandos and fight against the Man, against ZOG, against the NWO, the jews, the Blacks, the "hispanics" and whomever else the White race is facing. And when they shut off their PCs, they can turn on CSI and life goes on. No harm and no foul, but no change either.

In cold honesty, the only path that's left for Whites as a group is mass violence. It is, as JFK said, inevitable. In every White-majority country, non-White immigration has become a flood. The lifeboats are sinking. Even the most ardently indifferent White person can see it. It gets worse every year. The White populations of those countries are declining, fed by the NWO lie of the "need" for outsiders and the bottom-line greed of deracinated White business owners and their customers.

In the not-too-distant future, some White person will have had enough. That person will react to the world with extreme, deadly force. Another will see it happen and be moved to act, and another, and another. People will throw up their hands and no longer care if they live or die, and in this mind, they will act. And so it will begin.

The pieces of this puzzle are now being laid in place; along with the other aspects, the economies of the Western countries are heading into the toilet. Businesses will cut staff, people will stop buying, families will lose their homes, and formerly apathetic Whites will be forced into direct, daily and dangerous contact with people who hate them with a passion, simply because they are White. At that time, they will understand that their skin is their uniform. Whether there will be enough of them left to right the ship before it sinks beneath the waves forever is another question.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meximum Exposure

The "Absolut Disaster" ad (above) has been commented about and circulated all day. As might be expected when caught with their corporate hand in the New World Order cookie jar, the company's been blathering about their real intent, lack of intent, or confused intent. Confused Confused by the White People of North America and their, what, surprising (?) reaction to this image?

As of this moment, Mexicans have illegally entered this country for over 30 years. Illegally from our perspective, that is. There are 30-million here that should not be, by law. Another 3-million were given a pass by "our" Congress in 1986, and they're all now looking for the Round 2 amnesty to pass sometime soon, which they have precisely no entitlement to. After all, our government beat them in a war, signed treaties with them (which bear a higher authority than Congressional law), paid them $28-million for what we took, and so our laws apply. Thus, they and their kids have zero right to be on this side of the line.

Apart from the many, many criminal, paramilitary street gangs and criminal organizations which have arrived north of the Rio Grande, there are two groups which we should know about and understand. They are Mexican nationalist orgs, which I would actually support if Mexico didn't already exist as the Mexican homeland. The problem I have with them is, they are attempting to precipitate the division of the United States at the expense of the White majority, and unless something radically and rapidly changes, they will win their lost land back.

They call their expanded version of Mexico "Aztlán", an adapted Nahuatl tribal word, although some refer to much of it as "Alta [Upper] California". They see the green image on that map as "theirs", and will not debate that point. They are called "MEChA" (Acronym for "Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán") and an offshoot, "La Raza" ("The Race"). MEChA wants you to hand over the green states, no compromise. And please do not think that the folks in that group will hand out any "benefits" to us or our families. They don't think we deserve it, and have said so. It's the attitude you notice most when people are waving Mexican flags, burning effigies of Uncle Sam, and holding signs calling the Founding Fathers "illegal immigrants". However, no Mexican has yet provided proof of claim on Virginia, nor could they physically displace the dot.Indians and Blacks.

Whites are no longer the majority population in New Mexico and California, and will soon be below 50% in Texas and Arizona. Other states across the country are feeling the resettlements, including Iowa, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Most East Coast states are already beyond repair: NJ, NY, Rhode Island, Massachusetts are largely "not us".

With the tattered condition that the U.S. is in, with most of its troops fighthing Bush's and McCain's 100-year war, and many of those troops being "hispanic", many thinking White people have come to a conclusion. To toss our chips into the pile with a government which despises us, distorts our history and heritage, puts those less qualified ahead of us, and yokes us to supporting illegals, invaders and layabouts who prefer other pastimes to working, is perhaps not the best idea. This government can't save things, can't protect anyone and can't stop what a certain element started perhaps 50 years ago. We must sit out this larger pending war with the mestizos, and concentrate our efforts to gain a North American White Homeland. If the Mexicans, at 15% of the population, can pull this off, so can Whites at four times their numbers. Or can we?

One way in which this can be accomplished is the way that White Americans traditionally avoided racial conflicts and accompanying street crime: "voting with our feet". By making one last move to a new location, by migration. A land where we can live by ourselves, and not impose ourselves on others who hate us. Those people can have us out of their lives forever. And of course, the reverse is also true. Perhaps it could be the Pacific Northwest (Northwest Republic), perhaps the northern tier States (Republic of Dakota), or maybe upper New England (2nd Vermont Republic, Vinland Nation, or Acadia). Other areas would be, sadly, less than optimal.

There is a limited, narrowing window on such a plan. If it doesn't start soon, very soon, it will likely not be possible ever again.

The alternative aspect to this is now flooding across our former countries like a tsunami. "Our" bought and owned politicians have thrown the floodgates open, and in a final push are working to ensure that, no matter who's elected in November, things will not change. Whites will become the minority population in this country, and our percentage will decline every year. When White partners are no longer available for our descendant to mate with, the plan of the Nation Wreckers will be complete. For a glimpse of a hispanic-majority scenario, refer to the history of Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico. For a Black/White study, either Jamaica, South Africa or Zimbabwe will do. None of those is very appealing.

As the numbers increase, the tax liabilities expand, and the economy finally sputters to a halt in a sea of foreign debt and political extravagances, things will get much worse. If we are still here, distributed across post-crash AmeriKwa, we will be forced to fight while disorganized and often disarmed, and the odds are not in our favor.

We will need to make any choice for a Homeland, today, this week, this year. As the old saying goes, better to have and not need, than need and not have.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


The biggest obstacles to the achievement of any group goal are lack of leadership, and missing unity of purpose. It's been said that only 1 in 20 people is a true leader, and of those, few are willing to accept the mantle of leadership and all the headaches and heartaches it entails. Without a leader or leaders, working in a common, positive direction, others in the group are in disarray. Gen. Omar Bradley, commander of U.S. Army forces at the end of the Second War to Kill White People (WW2), once said absence of leadership is like pushing the end of a string. The string bunches up, gets tangled, and goes nowhere. However, when you take hold and pull it, lead it, it follows wherever it needs to go.

Leaders need to possess certain characteristics: Focus, belief in their abilities, drive, knowledge of how to use the system to their advantage, understanding of the "big picture" as well as tactics, charisma, intelligence, and an unwillingness to compromise their position. True leaders must also be willing to stand at the head of their operation, to be the first to take a bullet, to do jail time, or to receive mass criticism. They must also accept responsibility for personal losses and defeats.

Unity is simply the focused, singular coherence of any group of people. It can occur at many levels, from team sports to company sales drives to international warfare. By definition, it requires a removal of divisions. If part of an army is off picking daisies while the rest are firing weapons at the enemy, that army will lose. If one part of a group denigrates another part, that group becomes dysfunctional and any direction it had is lost to in-fighting. Any unity achieved is also lost.

For many years, White Nationalism has been plagued by problems in both these areas.

Since the mid-1950's, we have had many intelligent proponents of White Unity, writers such as Oswald Spengler, William Simpson, Revilo Oliver and others. But in that same period, we've had very few true leaders. And among those leaders, there has been precious little consensus on direction, political involvement, strategic and tactical plans, recruitment and mainstream "presentation". Instead, these men have created many self-declared fiefdoms and petty organizations, and spent much valuable time criticizing their perceived opponents. These ad hominem attacks are, frankly, not only horrifically counter-productive, but beneath us as a People. And unlike previous White leaders, whether for better or worse, no recent "leader" has had the fortitude to actually put his words into practice. The possible exception to this was Cdr. George Lincoln Rockwell, and he is almost 40 years in the past now.

The Minutemen and other Colonial rebels were certainly aware that their actions were considered treason and carried a penalty of death by hanging. The men who led them were even more deeply in danger; charges against them included sedition and directing military insurrection against the Crown. Yet, they also knew that nothing would be accomplished without irreversibly crossing certain lines. So, with determination they picked up their rifles, and went to war to give birth to their new nation. Many died, many were jailed and dispossessed, but they did what they felt they had to do.

How many "leaders" in the White Nationalist movement would do such things now? How many would leave their keyboards and go into the streets? How many possess organizational skills? How many can drum up a large following who would die with them for their cause? How many are willing, as were the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, to pledge their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor? How many will we tell our grandchildren about?

Within the White race, unity is a scarce commodity. We have been lulled by television, the SUV in the driveway, Super Sunday, the latest episode of CSI, and other diversions. We have lost our attachment to our lands, our histories, our heritage, and most importantly, our racial family. We listen little to our kin and less to our Elders. As a group, we spent hundreds of years fighting among ourselves in petty wars ordered by overindulged royalty: Irish against English, German against Pole, Russian against Czech, Swede against Finn, Spaniard against Catalan. We focused almost entirely on our differences. Unfortunately, we still do.

Just yesterday, I read a post on a WN forum asking whether Russians should be considered "White". There are entire threads on many of these fora asking the question, "Who is White?". There are others comparing the relative "Whiteness" of Italians vs. Germans, or Portuguese vs. Norwegians. Even among White people, as with Blacks and the "high yellow" stereotype, there is some sort of White hierarchy.

Are we kidding? This is what's important to the continuation of "us"?

As I've said until I'm hoarse, we can't afford such tomfoolery. The Europeans of the world are just 8.5% of all the people alive. That's it. Ethnic squabbles are flies on the elephant's back. We have bigger fish to fry. In the oft-quoted, but rarely-lived words of David Lane, "We must secure the existence of our People, and a future for White children." That's it, folks. That's the bottom line. How can we secure ANYTHING if we can't even agree to do ANYTHING together? If we're badgering, belittling or degrading our own? If we're too zoned-out on TelAvivision to see? If we allow the alien Wreckers of our People to teach our kids, make our laws, create our societies and plan our futures for us?

We need Leaders. True, honest, honorable, purposeful, selfless, courageous Leaders with a capital "L". Leaders who understand that personal aggrandizement and financial gain are not the hallmarks of leadership, but of prostitution. Leaders who've learned from the past but don't dwell there. Leaders who would truly take a bullet for those behind them. Leaders who will stand up to the power structure, organize a following, and make the changes that must be made, or die trying.

And we need patriots who will back them. Men and Women of our Folk who are loyal to the needs of our People, fixated on the endgame, understand that it's now or never, and agree that, in the words of John Hancock, "Yes, we must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Friday, March 28, 2008

Standing In The Corner

Over the past few weeks, I've been reading a series of novels by Harold A. Covington. Mr. Covington has been a soldier, most notably participating with the S.A.S. in the Rhodesia wars of 30 years ago, before Ian Smith's horrendous betrayal of Rhodesians.

The books are about the establishment of a Northwestern American Republic, comprising the current states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. It's an idea which I wholeheartedly favor. The titles of these works are:
"A Mighty Fortress"
"A Distant Thunder"
"The Hill of the Ravens"
"The Brigade" (newly released in PDF)

Mr. Covington is not the only person to preach the idea of a White homeland in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Several years ago, a man named Robert Mathews formed a group called "The Order" and was joined by several other men. Mathews believed that the PNW was the ideal place for White nationhood to happen. He also knew that the movement would need money, and so the group committed criminal acts to get that money. This led to their downfall, with Mathews being burned to death in his home, at the hand of Federal agents.

Since then, less provocative measures have been taken in order to spread the word of White migration to the PNW. There have been a succession of organizations and websites dedicated to that end.

In the books, without giving too much of the plot away, one day agents of the U.S. government go over the line once too many, and the formerly somnolent sheeple awaken with a start and find their feet. What proceeds from that moment is the core of the story. It's not simple, it's not pretty, there are many setbacks, losses and hardships. But the people in the tale achieve their ultimate goal.

We are in a place in time where events are gathering which can produce extraordinary devastation of part or all of our population. Coupled with this is the increasing downward pressure on European Folk across the globe. Even Europe's future is no longer certain. Former comedian, and now grumpy old bastard, George Carlin thinks the time of White people in Europe is over, and the next phase of that continent is muslim. Assuming that's true, and with Canada and Australia being flooded with Asians, and the U.S. with "hispanics" (and Asians as well), where would Mr. Carlin suppose White people will live? HOW does he suppose we'll continue? How will life be in lands where we're a 1/10th minority, or less? Will our new governors be as disposed to putting their hand out for us as the foolish among us have done for them?

The PNW core states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho contain 245,336 square miles of land area. There are just over 10,000,000 people living in the three states, but the bulk of the population, about 35%, lives in the major cities. Even so, this averages just 41 people per square mile. Compare that with the rat-trap of New Jersey at 1150/sq. mi.

I lived in western Oregon for almost two years, almost two decades ago. I will always remember it as a magnificent area, full of every blessing which could be bestowed on a land. There were places I'd see on the backroads, where I'd simply have to stop and drink in the scenery and smell the clean air of the forested mountains. I spent free time travelling, from northern California up through Puget Sound, and into B.C. I often took a lunch, travelled out for miles on some unused fire road in the hills, and sat reading and eating while watching the natural world around me. Even my house had a view of a small mountainside, and an old train would sometimes wind its way along the edge of that mountain early in the day. Had my personal circumstances been different at that time, I'd never have left.

There are miles of mountains, forests, grasslands and farms in the PNW. It has ports and accessibility to the Pacific markets. Environmental controls are strict but small businesses are encouraged. Its economy is slow at the moment, but with a strong population of like mind and industriousness, concentrating on bringing out the best aspects of the area, it could be a powerhouse. It could also be a beacon to White people everywhere who are tired of current events and how they'll inevitably play out. At that point, perhaps other states might desire inclusion.

We have allowed the lands our ancestors created and built to take in residents, many illegally here, who now push us from among themselves. Whites who have "voted with their feet" on the concept of integrated living now find themselves with few places left to which to flee. Yet, staying and fighting for our space in most of the U.S. is no longer viable, since those who take a stand will be deemed "terrorists" by the New World Order faction.

If we do build a White nation, we will have no one to rely on but ourselves. We would be in conflict with many already in the PNW: those of the Left, those from wealthier backgrounds whose lives revolve around the bottom line, and those who live off the teat of government. And we would be, as the Confederacy found itself, illegally denied our Right to secede and to live on our own terms, by force. Any such migration favoring to that conclusion must include preparation for conflicts on its menu.

There is precious little time left for White people to decide on a course of action, here or anywhere else. This is not alarmism nor is it an extremist, tin-foil hat declaration. We are at the edge. Many will not become involved in politics, will not resist, will not stand, will not adhere to our own and unify. They will die off. If we follow their lead, so shall we all pass and be gone forever.

Every day, we see people taking a stand for different reasons and within various causes: Darfur, Tibet, the end of the war in Iraq, and so on. In some cases, people gather to prevent certain species from disappearing: whales, spotted owls, tigers, wolves or snail darter fish. These animals, they feel, merit special help because they are being pressured out of existence.

Are White people any less deserving of survival? Are the people who gave "the World" to the world less important? Are the originators of Western Civilization so trivially discarded?

We must stand as one, we must now put aside our ethnic and historical differences, and we must have a singular purpose: to secure the existence of our People, and a future for White children. Without achieving that, there can be nothing else for us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All Downhill, And No Brakes

As things move along in the criminal diamond we call Washington, DC (in utter contempt of one of our finest leaders), the thought has come to me, more than once, that the whole progression of events can not avoid ending in incredibly violent bloodshed.

Today's latest outrage originated in a suspect Supreme Court [sic] decision involving the handgun ban in their hometown. All cities in the United States have, in the past, respected one's Right to own, and openly carry, both hand and long guns. Most people did not feel the need to so carry early in our history, particularly after the War of Independence. After all, they'd just spent eleven years proving that they were on good terms with one another. All those who'd not been had either emigrated to Canada or Great Britain, or been left swinging at the end of a rope in the public square. Nonetheless, they could own any weapon of their choosing.

Particularly since the 1950s, certain groups of people in this land have been pushing through a plan, an agenda, to systematically and incrementally reduce, and then remove, our natural Rights. Their presentation initially avoided confrontation with the majority. But over time, they began a full-frontal assault on the liberties of that majority. In all areas of daily life, their policies began to infect and destroy us.

Initially, our Founders tried to coalesce a guidebook for political freedom. And from the beginning, the greed and lust for power of some men tore pieces from our Constitution. The Founders saw the truest seats of power in the States themselves. Their localized governments depended on upward support from the cities, towns and farmlands. Tyrannical behavior is difficult to undertake when you're watched by a vigilant citizenry. And for that reason, to take advantage of distance, those in the District of Columbia began to usurp the powers of the States and the People in them.

If you even briefly read the Constitution, you will notice one overriding characteristic: All of the powers of the President, the Congress and the Courts are grants by the States. In fact, the language of Amendment X makes that completely clear:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
There's the word, "delegated". Servants do not delegate to masters. As nowhere else, these words enunciate our absolute dominance over the District of Clowns.

Since 1787, we have had expansions in every area of assigned and unassigned Federal government power. We have also seen prohibitions, restrictions and controls placed on every Right we have.

"Rights" are considered arbitrary by relativists. There are "civil rights", "gay rights", and "animal rights". In fact, these are of recent vintage. The original Right we have thought ourselves proper to possess is, the Right to be Left Alone. Or, "let alone", in the beautiful dialects of the South. And yet, throughout the past 60 years, more and more people, under the anonymous mask of "government", have contrived to NEVER leave us alone.

We can't say what's truthfully on our minds, thanks to "political correctness", a Trotskyite phrase from our friends in the old Soviet Union. We can't appear to oppose Obama's minister's statements, or we're "narrow-minded" and "racist". Christians among us are not allowed to post Christmas symbols on public property, but a Hannukah menorah can burn on the White House lawn. Pagans among us are not "recognized" by the U.S. Army, of all things, as being in a "true religion". We can't buy property on a handshake nor live off the land no matter how rural; if the U.S. had had property taxes early on, no one would have settled the frontier. And of the taxes extorted from us, backed up with paramilitary force, we have no say in their ultimate expenditure. You assets can be taken and kept by Uncle Scam during pre-trial proceedings, and not returned even after proof of your innocence. The list of personal infractions is never-ending.

And more importantly, we have been denied our right to Assemble...if we're White. We have been somehow disallowed our Right to plan for our own survival. We are prohibited from excluding others, whether in our organizations, our businesses, or our neighborhoods. Our group Rights are becoming more fragile everyday.

So in the Supreme Court's mind, and as eagerly and breathlessly editorialized upon by the news rags, TV talking heads and online post-whores disguised as "journalists", there MAY be a "Constitutionally based" restriction on handgun ownership placed upon ALL AmeriKwans, not just those inside the Beltway. No doubt the constant, clear and present physical danger posed by the non-working, mouth-upon-teat local detritus to the Guys in Suits may have something to do with their desire to further increment divestiture of firearms. But for the rest of the country, the Supremes may have just stepped over their benchmarks and cracked open the can that finally shakes the electorate awake.

We are seeing a dying power clamping down viciously in its throes. They are beginning to see that their policies are tearing down the country and exposing them to real dangers. The FED desperately enacts plans to bail out the rich, mostly jewish, and secondarily WASPy-brahmin financial community, with all involved making profits on the ups and downs they know in advance, as always. In the financial stratosphere we've allowed them to create, they never get the raw end. We do.

They are building detention centers, removing citizen weaponry, taking control of oil resources, water resources and farmland. They are, through their inflationary policies, robbing us every year of everything we've worked for, then converting it into gold before everyone else jumps on. They tie us to contracts and protect predatory lenders. They keep our borders open and allow the invasion of our land. They give our jobs to the less-qualified, our college seats to the less-intelligent, our jobs to the less-skilled, and finally our country to the less-deserving.

And now we are facing a Crash that may make the Great Depression seem like a walk in the park. There are predictions of 45% unemployment. Fewer workers equals less tax money, equals fewer government benefits. Then the wheels really come off.

We are near the precipice. When the f*ck will our People WAKE UP?

Friday, February 29, 2008


I've always been one of those people who never remembers their dreams. I sleep like a rock and sometimes snore like a bear, but the little movies that run through my mind don't seep into my conscious thoughts upon waking. Last night was different.

The dream I had was chilling because it played out within completely normal life circumstances. It was also fearsome because it's actually happening right now, slowly, inexorably and, unless we completely change course, permanently.

It was a weekend or holiday, because it was mid-day and I wasn't working. I was out taking a relaxed walk on the street near my apartment, enjoying the sunshine. But something was very wrong. I couldn't put a finger on it. Then it hit me. There were almost no people on the street. The thought came over me that I needed to get off the street, to hide somewhere out of view.

I ran behind a small building near the local canal, squatting low among the adjacent shrubbery which was beginning to show new Spring growth. As I looked out, a truck rolled by, filled with National Guardsmen followed by another slightly smaller truck with cops in the bed. The second truck was towing a trailer. All the men were wearing riot gear and fully armed. There were also cops hanging on the sides of the cab, looking down the streets.

They approached the house across from me, stopped, and several ran up to the front door. A cop with gray hair knocked on the door, and an older woman answered. She was asked to step outside, and as she did, she was taken by the arm to a school bus and put aboard. Next, an old man came to the door, the cop said something to him, and he was also taken away. A small group of men went inside, and came back out with a shotgun, some papers and a cardboard box. I heard the senior military officer say to the old man, "You are charged with violation of the Weapons Act."

I took a back route back to my apartment, and when I got there, I knew I had to get my things and get away from there. There were two young people in the parking lot loading their car with bags. I turned on the TV and there were news reports of mass "anti-terrorism" arrests, including searches and arrests for possession of firearms in the New York metro area following "FBI infiltration of a White supremacist organization with ties to al-Qaeda". The news said the Feds had a huge list of people who were involved and were finding them, and taking them to six Federal detention centers. All of the people being arrested on the video were White.

Neither of the news anchors were White. None of the cops or Guardsmen I'd seen in the trucks were White. I put together a bag with my most valuable possessions. I loaded that into my car along with my toolbox and guns, and drove out of my complex. None of the people I passed on the street were White; almost all were Latino and Indian. On the radio, there was a report that a small nuclear bomb had been found in lower Manhattan, and a second in Union City, NJ. Scientists were attempting to disarm them. Rumors of neo-Nazi involvement was interspersed. Roads across northern New Jersey were jammed, said the radio. My knuckles were white from gripping the wheel.

I veered off onto a side road and knew I was going to need a different vehicle to get out of the area. I parked my car in a lot, quickly removed the license plates and pried off the VIN plate. There was an Indian couple nearby, sitting in their Hummer H3. I made an instant decision. I walked over, pulled out my pistol and commandeered the truck. My first thought was to get as far north as possible, and to take as many off-road routes as possible. I was shaking from the adrenaline rush, trying to avoid authorities, trying to figure out the right way to go, and saw distant flashing lights in my rearview mirror. I woke up bathed in sweat.

I took a long shower, then sat on my couch, thinking about the dream. Completely coincidentally, I saw an advertisement in an open "Wired" magazine talking about the expanding world population. We will have, said the ad, 70 million more people added to the world's population EVERY YEAR. And I thought about the projection that the total world population will be NINE BILLION in another 30 years. Of that increase, almost ALL of will be non-White.

The floodgates of White nations of the world have been opened to uncontrolled Third World immigration. White people aren't pouring into China, India, Africa, Indonesia or Mexico. But the reverse, as we all know, is certainly true. China could send out a contingent equal to the total population of the U.S. and STILL have over a BILLION people at home. Ditto India.

We are merely eight percent (8%) of the entire human population. Until recently, we were largely unaffected by the fact of our dwindling numbers, because we lived within land areas comprised almost entirely of our own kindred. While this was in effect, our numbers relative to the rest of the planet were inconsequential. We largely ignored the outside world.

The problem, the 800-lb. gorilla in the living room, the point that no reporter or politician or even White activist can or will express, is simple. The goal of the powers in charge, the zionists, the New World Order, the far Left, the internationalists, is to equalize the White population ratio in EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH. They want every country to contain no more than 8% White people. Once that's achieved, we will be further isolated, divided, reduced, worn away, and absorbed by the non-White masses until we are gone. Period.

This is the reason behind "hate crime" and "hate speech" laws which are ONLY directed at Whites. This is the reason behind the lumping of Latino and other non-Whites into the "White" perpetrator category in DOJ crime statistics, but not in the victim category. This is the reason for the celebration of Black majority takeover in South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Congo and Kenya, while at the same time decrying White majority opinion in Europe. It's the reason for the increasing torrent of portrayals of interracial relationships on TV and in films. It's why the strict immigration policies of the nations of Mexico, China, India and Israel are lauded, but any attempt to restrain immigration of non-Whites into Europe is condemned. It's why, according to the media, White history is filled with racists and genocidal maniacs, while Black history translates into an entire month of celebration. It's why Mexicans who have no legal right to be in the U.S. can hold mass demonstrations against the country they've invaded, while White Americans are considered criminals and smeared if they gather to promote their own cause.

We are having everything we've achieved stripped from us, every law we've created to protect our Rights torn away, and every land in which we live swarmed over. While this is going on, the White middle-class wordlessly worries and frets and does absolutely nothing to change it.

Soon enough, I think, my nightmare will begin to play out. Whites will become targets, simply because they are White. This has already happened in Africa and South America. It will also begin to happen in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and wherever else we exist in numbers. It will accelerate. It will be fueled by the media. The power elites, the traitors to their own People, will isolate themselves, and the rest of us will pay the cost through our total destruction.

I am not going quietly into that long night, my Friends. The time to act is already upon us. The machinery for our destruction has been put into operation. What will you do? Will you stand and live, or lie down and die?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Twenty Miles From Afar And Closing

In the past few days, I've read a lot about the front-running Presidential candidates. I number those at 3: Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain.

Sen. Hillary Clinton: a checkered past involving S&L collapses, money laundering and possible assorted "hits" (Vince Foster, et al), the Senator "from" New York, is now lagging in polling. Maybe Americans have had enough of the Bush and Clinton families. Supports naturalization of CrimMigrants, including those, mostly Asian, who've violated H1-B visas. Accepts large donations from AIPAC (America-Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel PAC) and has spoken at their national meetings. She has lost much of her appeal at the polls, perhaps in part due to her crying incident, but who knows why? She will, I believe, be out of the running unless the media sells her harder.

Sen. Barack Obama: half-Black African, half-White. Currently supports most of the same things Clinton does. Wants to allow women to make their own decisions about partial-birth abortion. That would allow abortion at the point where we're dealing with viable human beings, and murder. He would "confront" China on our massive debt, on which they're holding most of the paper (if China calls in our debt, we go bankrupt, period). He wants something called "class-based" affirmative action, not just the race-based kind (although he insists he's for "equal rights" while supporting race-preferential programs). In other words, he wants everyone to have the same amount of income.

There are two ways to do that. You can "bring up" the lower income brackets (which are disproportionately non-White), and this idea has been trotted out in a dozen different suits, from Head Start to "No Child Left Behind". No possibility of success. Or, you can bring the upper echelons down. This can be done primarily through preferential or punitive taxation. Certain industries not in line with the President's policies get hammered, others, perhaps owned by certain individuals, get a boost. And of course, all the (disproportionately White) neo-Yuppies in their McMansions get crushed, in plummeting real estate prices, escalating property tax and personal credit costs, rising utility and toll costs, and so on.

Sen. John Sidney McCain: called "Insane McCain" by more than a few. McCain was by all accounts a pilot who stayed on course right into anti-aircraft fire. He was captured, with broken arms, and subjected to years of confinement and apparent torture. There are many veterans organizations which oppose McCain's candidacy, which seemed a strange thing until one reads the negative accounts of several of his co-captives. Be that as it may, it's witness testimony from potentially hostile witnesses and thus not a reason for me to be deterred.

What does deter me is McCain's history of serious waffling, his affiliations with Democrats on bad legislation, and his support of the continuation of the War Without End in Iraq. Soon, we should say under a McCain administration, to include Iran? Yes, it will. Then we can square off with the Russians over their primary source of foreign oil becoming an American domain.

John McCain changes his mind about important issues more often than a "vid-iot" changes cable channels. For a good look at his political bipolar disorder, check YouTube.

McCain has also sponsored legislation to limit free political speech (McCain-Feingold), and has worked with Ted Kennedy on three versions of an Amnesty bill to benefit the 20-30 Million CrimMigrants. If the government included them in their public publications, the population would officially be 330 Million, of which 45 Million would be "legal" hispanics*, and 30 Million more would be the illegal invaders. That places the physical hispanic percentage of the population at almost 23% right now. It also readjusts even the generous FedGov allocation of 65% White populace to 59% overall (we know that most Asians and almost all Blacks are legal citizens, so their numbers remain the same).

In 1964-65, a lying Ted Kennedy told America that reversing the immigration ratio from 90% European, 10% other nations, would not change the demographic makeup of the country. All three current mainstream candidates support naturalization of 20-30 million people, an unearned reward to those who broke the law coming here, with the support of "your" government and business community. All three of them support continued involvement in the undeclared War.

One candidate doesn't support any of this bullshit. However, the time for that candidacy is passing. So, a note on the Ron Paul candidacy.

Dr. Paul is the choice of many people of all political backgrounds. His pro-Constitution position, which should be the norm for anyone who considers his (or her) self competent to be the leader of the United States of America, endears him to freedom-loving voters.

However, Dr. Paul's personal priority is not in winning this particular election. He has stated, and continues to, that he will not, under any circumstances, run as an independent, or third-party, candidate. He will not leave the Republican party, so he can continue to run for Congress in his Texas home district. This means, to me, that Dr. Paul would prefer to retire from service to our country as a humble, and well-liked, Representative. Certainly, Dr. Paul has earned this, and at 72 years of age may have no desire to end his campaign as a thoroughly beaten candidate in the final contest in November. He lags behind the media-fueled mainstream contenders, and is a victim of the American fool's mentality of believing in backing a "winner".

Because Ron Paul will not win the Republican nomination, because not enough voters will write him in on the Republican ticket, because he will not abandon the Republicans, and because he's a realist, Ron Paul is already finished.

But there IS something we can ask Dr. Paul to do. We can ask that he nominate his successor in the fight, a younger Constitutionalist who is not tied to the G.O.P., and can run on a third-party ticket. Maybe someone in their 40's, with a good deal of life experience but plenty of energy left. If this generation's greatest champion of the magnificent legacy of our Founders, and beloved elder statesman, put his imprimatur on someone, we'd know that person had the country's best interests in mind.

So, at this point, I would urge the good doctor to pass the torch. It would give the country time to get behind the new bearer of those true, Constitutionally-correct ideas and practices. That person could carry on the battle of Order over Chaos, and confront the pretenders to the Oval Office on both issues and conduct.

Maybe, just maybe, we could save the country for those who follow us, and make politics a more honest, forthright, benevolent and selfless endeavor. OK, one out of two is fine.

Note: "Hispanic" is a weasel-word of the Feds which avoids classifying Mexican tribesmen or mestizos (mixed Asiatic (AmerInd)-European blood) as a separate racial group, even though every American of any race understands that they are. Instead, they are "placed" in one or another group. Therefore, a pure Mexican national can call himself "White" although he has no European ancestry. This concept was preceded by a similar inclusion of Arabs, jews and gypsies in the Census Bureau's "White" classification criteria. It's also a good reason why Whites are not called "European-Americans" anywhere in official literature; to do so would admit that near-Eastern Asiatics are not "White" by definition.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Last night, while listening to the radio on the drive home, I heard someone talking about the use of stereotypes and how abhorrent it was. However, during the same talk, the same guy disagreed with a caller regarding one group. He said that the stereotype in that case was "all in fun". The group was White people in the rural South, the so-called American "rednecks".

Why, I wondered, is it OK for the media to blatantly abuse that particular group?

Southern Whites are descended from mostly Scots-Irish immigrants who were not welcome on the English-noble-controlled Irish plantations except as indentured servants or laborers. They came to the colonies and found that things here were in many ways a reflection of their homeland, so they retreated to the wilds of the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. They managed to build homes, plant crops, raise families and live their lives with a Bible in one hand and a long gun in the other. They faced hostile native tribes and wild animals with equal resolve. And they did all this without any help from the outsiders in the more urban areas, simply asking to be "let alone". Over time, of course, their isolation was broken.

These people were, to outside standards, "uneducated". Yet, they had a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the land they lived on. They made an art form out of "making do". They were not "book smart", but were intelligent enough to operate a very viable and vibrant society in a marginal part of the frontier. They generally lived under a strict moral system with very well-defined limits of acceptable behavior.

So, why the hostility which extends to this very day? In large part, it's two-fold. First, the Southern people (or "Southrons") are vehemently independent. They don't meld easily into the prevailing mentality emanating from the North or the West. They maintain their own counsel, and don't need outsiders. So this creates a negative reaction in those who would impose themselves. That negativity has already expressed itself in the form of an unConstitutional "civil" war started by the imperialist Lincoln and his Northern mercantilist cohorts.

But more importantly, they are not city-dwellers, steeped in liberal academia, but rather are rural ultra-realists about everyday life. And this infuriates the cosmopolitan, internationalist Leftists, especially those of jewish extraction, who thrive on opening borders, flooding the locals with foreign influences and destroying local sovereignty. The Southrons, with their history of resistance, represent a nail for those urbanites to hammer down.

But that's not all. This morning, on the Opie & Anthony program on XM, there was a debate about the stereotyping of Italians as mobsters in the New Jersey Lottery's new promotion, called "Bada-Bling!". In this commercial, Sopranos-types tout the new ticket with affected "goon" accents and mannerisms. The members of the show were quick to point out that while "of course" not ALL Italian-Americans are that kind of person, SOME were (or are), and therefore no offense should be taken.

Again, why is it OK for the State of New Jersey to single out one of its largest White ethnic groups for such portrayal?

The first error made by the show's hosts was, the Mafia was never an all-Italian enterprise. Jews made up a huge chunk of the management of the operations. Consider "Murder, Inc.", run by Meyer Lansky, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter and George "Bugsy" Siegel, all jewish. They handled much of the money (of course), and committed many of the bloodiest killings. And today's "Russian" Mafiya is not Russian at all, but comprised almost entirely of Russian jews.

But the Italian element is the one that the jewish-dominated media chooses to put out front, so they carry the load of the stereotypical mobster.

Even allowing for this, how would the media or public react to a lottery promotion involving swindling money-lenders, a la Shakespeare's "Shylock", complete with irritating yiddish accent? Or one portraying Blacks as violent, fast-talking, lazy drug abusers? Or how about one showing Mexicans as low-rider-driving, woman-slapping, hairnet-wearing gangsters?

The point is, the only acceptable prejudicial treatment allowed to the general public involves the denigration of White people, whether in specific socioeconomic or regional groups (like the Southerners), or by ethnicity (Italian-Americans), or by gender (the eternally-stupid White male father portrayed in commercials who is always outsmarted by his wife and kids), or by position (currently, all authority figures in TV shows or commercials are non-White and/or female). The media never airs anything without an underlying agenda. In these cases, that agenda is plain and simple: the denigration and destruction of the White majority as a power base in the Western world.

I'm sick of it, and I want it stopped. Maybe you do, too.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cutting The Paul Hype

As everyone on the internet knows, but almost no one who watches cable news, Dr. Ron Paul is running for President.

I have two things to say about him. He is not a real Republican. He is saying and doing nothing extraordinary.

Dr. Paul is not a Republican. He may have been when Republicans stood for individual and property rights, no foreign entanglements, and support for personal achievement. But today's Republicans are indistinguishable in most ways from their counterparts across the aisle. This is by design.

The money behind the politics needs the race fixed. Like the old sideshow promise, it wants, and gets, a winner every time. We've had two primary elections, and New Hampshire's is already under official recount. Hand counted ballots, matching 4 statewide opinion polls, showed an entirely different outcome (in favor of Obama) in the Democrat primary results. There are allegations about Diebold's programmable voting machines creating potential vote count fraud. Why not only paper ballots?, a sober person asks.

Nobody gets to be a mainstream candidate unless he or she is approved. That approval used to come from the people. Now it comes from media bosses, spin-doctored polls, international banksters, and at least one foreign government. All of those elements have to agree on a candidate, and must be certain that their puppet truly works for them.

Today, popular approval's making a comeback.

Enter Ron Paul, a U.S. Representative from Texas, a member of the people's house of the legislature. He's a man outside the lines of the party he's long been affiliated with. Over the years, Dr. Paul has remained true to Republican ideals, while his peers have not. He has a consistently Constitutional voting record, because he swore to uphold it and takes that oath seriously. At this point in time, as Dr. Paul himself pointed out, being in favor of the Constitution is highly politically incorrect. And, it's apparently offensive to the Parties and the media. So, no, Dr. Paul is a RINO, a "Republican In Name Only", a patriot in goat's clothing. Good thing, because the country deserves no less.

Now, about that second point. Because he is doing exactly what our Founders laid out in the body of the Constitution, Dr. Paul's message is in no way strange or even noteworthy. At least it wouldn't be, if our country were living those principles. It wouldn't be if our children were taught about their inherent rights which that document protects. It wouldn't be if government were limited. It wouldn't be if the Congress were doing their duty and performing checks and balances on the President. It wouldn't be if private bankers didn't print our money, and charge us both a printing fee and interest on it. It wouldn't be if we viewed gun ownership as a means of family, neighborhood and national protection rather than as a right only of criminals and the State. And it probably wouldn't be if we kept our earnings free from the Federal pickpockets in the IRS.

Everything Dr. Paul espouses is written down for everyone to see. We don't need all this government, and we sure as sunrise don't need a criminal government at all. We have rights, inherent and untouchable rights, not grants by government. Those rights were laid down for us, specifically so as to prevent the government from taking them. The first time a law was passed which limited absolute free speech, or restrained gun ownership, or allowed violative searches, or assigned States' rights to the Feds, we lost a part of ourselves, our values and our country. Enough's enough.

As a man, Dr. Paul is simply a candidate. He is by all accounts a quiet, intelligent, friendly, loyal and thoroughly decent man. He is running for President, of course, but while many people genuinely like him, he himself is not important. Like the title character in "V for Vendetta", he is just the carrier of an idea. Personally, I like the man: his manner, his genuine character and his honesty. But in this year, my vote will not really be for Ron Paul, but for the resurrection of the United States Constitution. For once, I hope every American voter casts their ballot with that thought in mind.