Thursday, June 11, 2009

The H-Bomb

Since the Holocaust Museum attack, the media is referring to the shooter, James von Brunn, as a "hard core Holocaust denier." He surely is, by his own words. But...

There are two questions which need to be asked at this point. First, why is the "denial" of any event which belongs to the early 1940s a taboo? And second, what difference does it make if any single person does or does not believe that the Holocaust happened, or that it was as large an event as we are led to believe? In other words, why must every living person unquestioningly accept what's told, as told? In particular, why every White person?

The problem is, in many places around the world, it is a crime, punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines, to even question the details of the official Holocaust story. Often referred to as "defaming the memory of the dead", it places the jewish Holocaust in the unique position of being the only event in history that even professional historians can't fully examine, or at least can't publish upon, unless their conclusions support the orthodox story. That is intolerable.

So, we have reached an impasse, those of us who believe in completely free political speech when backed by fact, and those who believe in repressing speech and the free exchange of ideas and information. Yet the questions remain and continue to be asked, as the censors seek new ways to disconnect us from the real audience: the people around the world who are, voluntarily or not, giving money and other assistance to the Middle Eastern country whose very "right to exist" completely hinges on the Holocaust's largely oral history. In light of that, I will say that if I can be persuaded of the truth by logical means, I will be first in line to condemn the Germans who perpetrated the crime (but not their children) and first to show solidarity with those who suffered (but not their children, either).

To that end, I have a few requests.

Give us a list of the names, please. All six million. Not the 1919 six million, who didn't actually die anymore than the Kaiser's troops skewered Belgian newborns on bayonets, or made soap from their own war dead. No, the real ones, even the 2.5-million that vanished from the Auschwitz plaque in '89. We'll just assume a rounding error.

Choose the cause of death from among crushing hammers, electrified grids, diesel exhaust, vaporizing guns, steam blasting, or gas chambers. Wait...nevermind; just gas chambers. No, just gas chambers not in Germany. Forget the Nuremberg executions of those camp officers who didn't run the death camps that didn't exist in Germany. They were probably responsible for the Katyn Forest massacre of Polish officers anyhow! Oops, no, those were the Soviets. Good thing they finally owned up to it, even though it took a good while.

Deaths from battlefield crossfire, aerial bombardment, disease and starvation don't count in the totals. Nor do legitimate wartime executions of groups of spies, collaborators or saboteurs. Piles of hair don't indicate homicide, nor do shoes, but they do indicate shaving lice-infected scalps and issuance of uniforms. Even photographs of stacks of bodies, taken in winter when they couldn't be buried, only proves that people, perhaps they were jews, died; not how, when or where.

Show us real, original blueprints for a single killing chamber that was actually used in a prison camp to massively kill humans, not typhus-carrying body lice on inmate bedding. Just one. The Germans, who have a well-earned reputation for precision and efficiency, would surely have created many such examples. Those areas marked "showers" on German diagrams would certainly have had wooden doors, soap trays, shower heads and running water, but probably not gassing ports in the ceiling. Those compartments on the camp plans which are marked gaskammer, or "gas chamber", are usually big enough to fit several dozen blankets, but not dozens of people.

Provide us with cyanide samples from the alleged killing rooms. Cyanide staining lasts for many decades, and is easily traced. You can borrow Fred Leuchter's independently verified wall samples if no one will let you collect your own from the camps.

Provide us with public forensic autopsies done on a random sample of "death camp" fatalities, so that we can see the original "Prussian blue" lung stains of condensed cyanide from gassing. Original, not staged or faked. Original, like Mr. B. Hussein Obama Soetoro's Aloha State COLB "birth certificate" is not.

Look, here's an exercise. Suppose you got news that you lost 10 relatives in a plane crash. But then, years later, you find out that 8 survived. Wouldn't you feel relief, maybe exhilaration, that you hadn't lost as many family members as you'd thought? Sure, two died, but plane crashes are awful things. Just like wars are.

Sometimes things didn't happen like you remember they did. Sometimes your mind fills in the blanks, and the story takes a turn. Sometimes you just hate the enemy so much you'll say anything about him, no matter how untrue or exaggerated. Sometimes you're just tired and hungry and you'll concoct anything to get a meal or a bed.

In the end, as thinking beings with a lust for knowledge, we can't blindly accept that the official Holocaust story can't be questioned in any aspect. We also need to know why those who guard it so zealously, work to come down so hard on those who ask those questions. What brings about that insecurity? We'd like to think stereotypes about those involved are wrong, and it's not really about money or crass political power, or some desire for mind control. That would be a tyranny of the minority. We all know in our bones that Political Correctness has been wrong in a Constitutional Republic from Day One, so that's not what you're pushing, right?

Until every White person who calls this planet home is no longer denied their Right to ask about this one forbidden thing without threats and reprisals by their various regimes and their media sycophants, while the 1st and 2nd Amendments still have teeth, we in America must do it for them.