Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Absolute Zero

Recently, a schism has developed within the body politic of White Nationalism (WN). On one side are those who believe that success can only come incrementally or at least semi-covertly, by disguising one's dedication to, adherence to, or even leanings toward, WN. The reason, they say, is that we are now floating in a sea of expected politically correct behaviors, and being open would subject them and their families to undue scrutiny and subsequent negative effects: social ostracism, potential loss of income, problems with the law, and so on. There's no question that most ostensible Whites do in fact actively seek to remain within the constraints of what's "acceptable", as it's circumscribed for them by the almost entirely jewish-owned mainstream media (MSM).

I am at a stage in my life where I am at the cusp of leaving middle-age behind and being roundly considered "old". In years past, I might, if my mind remained sound, have expected to be elevated to a position of relied-upon sagacity in my family, as an "elder". I would have been expected to impart my lifetime of knowledge, gained through trial, to the younger members of my Folk. And so I do, when asked, which isn't often.

However, one freedom allowed to me now is that I can remove certain encumbrances without derision. I am past the point of "keeping up with the Joneses". I can drive a 10-year-old car with faded paint and it doesn't matter to anyone. As long as I am not a "burden" on anyone, I am free to live what years remain as I please. This has a wonderful side effect as well.

The schism I mentioned earlier has a second side, a side which requires immediate, potentially violent action to correct political mistakes which had already outgrown their usefulness when they were conceived. A side which requires that a majority must never become a pawn of minorities living within its Land. A side which demands that Whites have physical space, political systems and a social standard which promotes and defends the health and future of our local majority. A side which will fight to the death to restore the paradigm which places our Folk first, again.

White people make up less than a tenth of the world's six billion resident hominids. We are very much a minority in planetary terms. That has always been true; even in 1900, those of European descent were less than 1/3 of the world's peoples. In itself, being fewer than others has never been a major obstacle to our Race.

But the problem we face now, on several fronts, is one designed to kill our Folk and drive our memory from this world. Our Lands, White-majority Lands, are being overrun with non-Whites. Our people are being groomed for breeding with other Races, other non-European ethnics. Our history is being perverted and denigrated, pushed toward the scrap heap. And our children are being told, repeatedly, that they, as Whites, are subsidiary to everyone else. Again, this is happening in Lands in which WE are still the majority.

This is not confined to the the former "colonies", the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is also in full swing in the homelands of our Folk. Open non-White immigration is rampant in Europe. Non-White policies are making Europeans outcasts in their own countries. Sharia laws in Britain, White no-go zones in Gothenburg, Sweden and Rotterdam, Netherlands, criminalization of even the questioning of the orthodoxy of the jewish experience of WW2...these are in place at this moment. A generation ago, Europe was safe, clean and beautiful. I visited much of the continent almost 40 years ago, and it was all of those things. Having come from a multi-racial America, I was amazed and uplifted to see nothing but White faces greeting me.

White Folk are in the midst of a war of conquest, directed by those of a certain Middle Eastern ethnicity which has co-opted our Racial identity. It's being fought under guises of "tolerance", "fairness", and multiculturalist theory. It is waged on the battlefields of religion, education and social norms. Its goal is the wholesale destruction of all things White and European and their replacement by jewish materialism, consumerism, duplicity, spiritual emptiness and absolute political correctness within the purview of neo-Communism. The physical ancestors of these oppressors honed their skills in the Soviet Union, in the 3AM raids on the homes and families of their enemies, in their death squads and political police tactics. Those basic premises have not changed, and we remain in their cross-hairs.

So for my part, I am reducing my material possessions to a minimal level, thus reducing my financial needs at the same time. I am learning to live on less food, in a smaller space, with fewer personal contacts and lowered expectations. The material possessions include my firearms, medical kits, E&E materials and other equipment which can help me make do with very little. I've spent many hours reading through and digesting military texts, survival blogs, and equipment manuals. I've watched hundreds of useful videos. Many hours have also been spent improving my physical capabilities.

One thing I've absorbed is the ultimatum mindset of the Spartans, a life directed toward the possibility of dying valiantly for one's tribe, one's Nation, for a worthy cause and against a worthy opponent. All of our ancestors believed in such a thing as a "beautiful death", a ticket to Valhalla, a chance to feast with other noble warriors forever.

So all of my actions have been toward one purpose: so that when the time is right, when the impending, perhaps final war against the Enemies of the European People begins in earnest, I will be all-in. Nothing left to lose makes me free to fully engage. And in that, perhaps I can, in my small way, offset the White man whose HDTV or ball game on Sunday is more important to him than the future of our Race, and who has already accepted his fate.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shouldn't We?

Since the horrific murder on April 3, 2010, of South African AWB Leader, Eugene Terre'Blanche, the Black communist government of South Africa has been "urging calm" (they do have a World Cup audience to fool), while both allowing Black racist Julius Malema to preach a message of killing White farmers (Boers), and doing nothing to stop Black criminals from actually killing Boers. It is clear from everything I am reading (and almost none of it is in the jewish-owned "mainstream" U.S. media, of course) that Whites in South Africa, and in Africa generally, are living with a sword hanging over their heads.

I came across this article yesterday. Fifteen Blacks entered a Boer home, restrained the husband while they subdued and gang-raped his wife (apparently in front of him), [sexually?] assaulted his four year old daughter, then beat the man to death. Nothing was taken from the home, so this was clearly a "hate crime" based on the victims' Race. In South Africa, it's just business as usual. Of course, even if this happened in America, Whites are not protected by "hate crime" laws; non-White U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said so publicly.

As a member of several White Nationalist forums (or, fora) and online groups, one often sees the phrase, "We should...":

"We should vote this guy out!", or "...close the borders!", or "...abolish the FED!", or "...join a Tea Party!", etc., etc.

Well, we are now seeing unrestricted killings of our White Folk in Africa. Zimbabwe, South Africa, parts of Congo, Tanzania and Kenya. The Black governments are in power and the international media is not covering nor condemning it. White people in these places, many of whom have family roots there going back several hundred years, are subject to slaughter on a whim. The perpetrators won't be punished. There is, in Africa, a license to hunt Whites.

So is this enough? Is it a strong enough message to change the word from "should" to "shall"? Is it enough to get White men and women around the world thinking, "My family is being wiped out in South Africa, so I shall help them in any way I can"? Is it enough to spark an armed rebellion against not only the African Blacks killing innocent Whites, but also against the swine who are abetting the genocide against our Boer Kindred, while at the same time, are holding the borders of Europe and the other majority-White lands open to Third World invasion? Are those two acts not simply two sides of the same anti-European mission?

It's no longer, "we should". It's now, "we must". White people talk about "the sh*t hitting the fan", "when we're in the last days", or "when a race war comes...". The fan is thoroughly hit. At just 9% of the world's population and falling, we are potentially in our last years. And as the news of the decimation of the Boers continues to pile up, we are unmistakably in an ominous and deadly war for our survival.

Helping our Race survive by any means necessary, taking any risks necessary, in what may be our final chance to ensure our Racial survival: shouldn't we?