Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Goodnight, Sweetheart, it's time to go...

After seeing last night's monkeyshines in Baltimore, and the wave of apologists, enablers, race baiters and hooligans rushing to explain, define and cushion the impact of the rioting, I can only offer the following suggestion, to the Black people now in the United States:

We made a horrible mistake 300+ years ago, as a Race, we White people did. Without regard for anything more than an immediate need met, our European ancestors imported millions of west Africans into the Western Hemisphere, and many of them landed in this country. Over time, there was conflict between the African and the White populations. In places like Haiti and Jamaica, the White population was essentially eliminated, quite violently. In other places, like Bermuda, slavery was almost instantly abolished and the two Races cooperatively occupied their own spaces in the environment. In the U.S., slavery persisted for over a century, which, based on first-hand observation and interactions, cemented the negative perspectives on Race from a White point of view.

At that time, in the 1860s, the Congress had the option of acting on a proposal that Lincoln, among others, had raised, about preventing future problems by repatriating Black slaves to Africa, specifically Liberia (although Ghana was a second, more correct choice). But Congress saw the price tag and decided against the plan. Instead, the Reconstruction Amendments, which would have not existed had Blacks been shipped home, became the law of the land. They opened up a host of other ills, which will remain not a part of this discussion. They were freed (which would have been the case either way), but then they were given full citizenship and the right to vote. This unleashed an uneducated, quite low intelligence population into the polling places, where they'd make their mark for whichever candidate handed them silver or whiskey, often many times over the course of the day.

After emancipation, the tension between Blacks and Whites continued to escalate. Violence took place on both sides, with rape and arson being the Black weapons of choice, while Whites armed themselves and shot or hanged Black males. There have been Black riots at some level of violence for many decades. Black people are clearly not happy living near Whites, and are now even asking for fallacious "safe zones" where they can feel safe from White people. [sigh]

So, what I think needs to happen, must happen, is that Whites and Blacks need a divorce, a dissolution of any previous agreements, a clean slate to start anew.

I propose a choice of either of the following, by popular vote of the White people of the United States, to humanely break the racial deadlock. Option One is to set aside land in some part of this country to create a new, separate African country. All American-resident Blacks would have to abandon White America and relocate there. The border with this country would then be the most heavily guarded and reinforced in the world. I propose that this breakaway country should follow the purple-colored Black population concentration:

Option Two is, direct repatriation to a designated place in western Africa. This movement could be coordinated among White countries to include repatriation of Blacks out of Europe and A/NZ, as well as of Arabs, Asians and Khazars for that matter. Any resistance or interference in the peaceful relocation would be met with severe consequences.

So there you have it. You Blacks can be permanently and completely rid of Ofay, evil YT, white debbils, honkeys, "da man", whyteboyz, whatever you want to call us. And we can have one of the biggest, costliest anchors on our society removed for good and get moving forward building our world again, in peace.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brother, Can You Spare A Trillion?

As I write this, the two wings of the One Zioparty are pretending to disagree on the financial elephant in the room: the debt load of the United States of America. As we hear endlessly on the mainstream media (MSM), it's approximately $14.5-trillion. A "trillion" is a "1" followed by 12 zeroes, a million millions.

To put this number in perspective, we can consider the "gross domestic product" of the U.S. In 2010, that number was ~$14.7-trillion. In other words, everything we built or otherwise produced ("goods and services") for the entire year, the output of all 153-million working people in America, produced revenues just slightly higher than what we owe in borrowed money. By itself, this is horrific.

However, there is also interest (usury) constantly accruing on this money. In 2010, we paid approximately $414-billion to cover this additional liability.

The dog-and-pony show we're now seeing in Washington is a reflection of this debt load. The U.S. Treasury has to periodically (biweekly, monthly, etc.) pay out certain obligations. These include the costs of social services, military operations, and...principal and interest on any debt.

There are essentially three ways for the Federal government to cover indebtedness: decrease spending, increase revenues or print more money. Of these, the Feds are always loathe to cut spending, because spending money garners votes (and, for some in government, results in kickbacks).

Increasing revenues involves increasing taxes, and while this can be a political nightmare, there are a LOT of taxes (and fees, which are de facto taxes) imposed by the Feds, and they are often raised quietly. In 2010, Washington collected about $2.16-trillion in taxes, but spent $1.2-trillion over that sum.

Lastly, the Federal government (or actually, its agent, the FED; the Federal Reserve Bank, which is neither a branch of the government, nor does it keep anything of value in reserve), has the unique ability to literally create money out of thin air.

Before 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was illegally passed by Congress in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, the money of the U.S. was backed by, or coined in, gold (and silver). These metals had secure purchasing power by weight, and the number of dollars in circulations was tied to the physical precious metals held in reserve by the Federal government. The paper money issued against those metals was labeled as either silver or gold "certificates", meaning they could be exchanged at any time for a specific weight of those metals.

Today, the "money" in circulation in America carries the label "Federal Reserve Note". A "note" is an instrument of debt. The FED charges the taxpayers $0.02 per paper bill produced, plus interest (the Treasury still coins money, but "street coins" are no longer produced in silver or gold). Because they are not backed by anything but "the full faith and credit of the U.S.", these notes are properly called "fiat money", worthless in themselves. They are the basis of all financial transactions in this country. Since 1900, mainly due to its transformation into fiat currency, the dollar has lost over 98% of its purchasing power.

Right now, Congress and the President are pretending to disagree about increasing the "debt ceiling". The Democrats want to add $2-trillion to the existing debt in order "to meet obligations". The Republicans, in the role of devil's advocate, want spending cuts which match the increase, at which point they will vote to raise the debt. This is where the disconnect comes into play.

Suppose you earn $50,000 per year. Your current debt load is, say, $5,000. You decide you want to buy a used car and increase your debt to $7,500. Your spouse says, fine, but we have to cut our spending by $2,500 to cover the increased debt. This is akin to saying that, yes, we can borrow an additional $2,500, but we will also drop $2,500 from our outlays. So the question that begs asking is, why not just redirect the $2,500 reduction in spending to pay for the car?

The answer, apart from the problem of already taking in less than they spend, is that Congress wants more money to spend now, and wants to pay it back later. That way, they say, we're only obligated to "small" payments over time, but we can cover our "obligations" now. The problem, of course, is not just that we are avoiding current liability, we're increasing future liability, PLUS, based on past performance, the government will continue to do this every fiscal year. They have willing allies in the MSM who are Chicken Little-ing about the devastating consequences of not giving Congress and the President more money.

In fact, the best possible action could be to fail to raise the debt ceiling. If this happens, two cascading results will follow. First, domestic budgetary obligations will still be met, for now, by increasing the money supply (this will further destroy the fiat dollar, but will mildly cushion the coming Crash). Dollars spent within the U.S. will still buy goods (which will continue to increase in price, the consequence of money supply inflation). Checks will still go out. But we will see a rapid decrease in available Federal government programs, either by abolition or offloading them onto the States. This will be politically based, with cuts against groups who are unlikely to vote in large numbers. Eventually, this will include cuts to the bone in "essential" programs, mostly New Deal leftovers like Social Security and unemployment compensation. Soon enough, the U.S. will be plagued by civil unrest leading to internal warfare as businesses shut down, the dollar goes into hyperinflation, and unemployment spikes.

Second, on the world stage, all of the creditor and other nations which continued to lend to the U.S., and/or float their currencies against the dollar (under the remnants of the Bretton-Woods Agreement) will experience meltdown. Economies around the world will collapse, and wars and other violence will break out as those in power scramble to maintain control.

Because we are past the financial tipping point, these things will happen no matter whether or not the debt ceiling is raised. Temporary injections of loan monies will only postpone the inevitable reality of collapse and crash-and-burn. We will be in "interesting times", as the Chinese say. Although I would have preferred to live out my later years in a quiet and secure America like that of 1900, I feel we've dealt with enough anticipation and trepidation, and the time for massive change is at hand, and welcome. Things will get much more difficult before they get better, so it's time to steel ourselves and take the plunge.

"No" to the debt ceiling increase.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Absolute Zero

Recently, a schism has developed within the body politic of White Nationalism (WN). On one side are those who believe that success can only come incrementally or at least semi-covertly, by disguising one's dedication to, adherence to, or even leanings toward, WN. The reason, they say, is that we are now floating in a sea of expected politically correct behaviors, and being open would subject them and their families to undue scrutiny and subsequent negative effects: social ostracism, potential loss of income, problems with the law, and so on. There's no question that most ostensible Whites do in fact actively seek to remain within the constraints of what's "acceptable", as it's circumscribed for them by the almost entirely jewish-owned mainstream media (MSM).

I am at a stage in my life where I am at the cusp of leaving middle-age behind and being roundly considered "old". In years past, I might, if my mind remained sound, have expected to be elevated to a position of relied-upon sagacity in my family, as an "elder". I would have been expected to impart my lifetime of knowledge, gained through trial, to the younger members of my Folk. And so I do, when asked, which isn't often.

However, one freedom allowed to me now is that I can remove certain encumbrances without derision. I am past the point of "keeping up with the Joneses". I can drive a 10-year-old car with faded paint and it doesn't matter to anyone. As long as I am not a "burden" on anyone, I am free to live what years remain as I please. This has a wonderful side effect as well.

The schism I mentioned earlier has a second side, a side which requires immediate, potentially violent action to correct political mistakes which had already outgrown their usefulness when they were conceived. A side which requires that a majority must never become a pawn of minorities living within its Land. A side which demands that Whites have physical space, political systems and a social standard which promotes and defends the health and future of our local majority. A side which will fight to the death to restore the paradigm which places our Folk first, again.

White people make up less than a tenth of the world's six billion resident hominids. We are very much a minority in planetary terms. That has always been true; even in 1900, those of European descent were less than 1/3 of the world's peoples. In itself, being fewer than others has never been a major obstacle to our Race.

But the problem we face now, on several fronts, is one designed to kill our Folk and drive our memory from this world. Our Lands, White-majority Lands, are being overrun with non-Whites. Our people are being groomed for breeding with other Races, other non-European ethnics. Our history is being perverted and denigrated, pushed toward the scrap heap. And our children are being told, repeatedly, that they, as Whites, are subsidiary to everyone else. Again, this is happening in Lands in which WE are still the majority.

This is not confined to the the former "colonies", the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is also in full swing in the homelands of our Folk. Open non-White immigration is rampant in Europe. Non-White policies are making Europeans outcasts in their own countries. Sharia laws in Britain, White no-go zones in Gothenburg, Sweden and Rotterdam, Netherlands, criminalization of even the questioning of the orthodoxy of the jewish experience of WW2...these are in place at this moment. A generation ago, Europe was safe, clean and beautiful. I visited much of the continent almost 40 years ago, and it was all of those things. Having come from a multi-racial America, I was amazed and uplifted to see nothing but White faces greeting me.

White Folk are in the midst of a war of conquest, directed by those of a certain Middle Eastern ethnicity which has co-opted our Racial identity. It's being fought under guises of "tolerance", "fairness", and multiculturalist theory. It is waged on the battlefields of religion, education and social norms. Its goal is the wholesale destruction of all things White and European and their replacement by jewish materialism, consumerism, duplicity, spiritual emptiness and absolute political correctness within the purview of neo-Communism. The physical ancestors of these oppressors honed their skills in the Soviet Union, in the 3AM raids on the homes and families of their enemies, in their death squads and political police tactics. Those basic premises have not changed, and we remain in their cross-hairs.

So for my part, I am reducing my material possessions to a minimal level, thus reducing my financial needs at the same time. I am learning to live on less food, in a smaller space, with fewer personal contacts and lowered expectations. The material possessions include my firearms, medical kits, E&E materials and other equipment which can help me make do with very little. I've spent many hours reading through and digesting military texts, survival blogs, and equipment manuals. I've watched hundreds of useful videos. Many hours have also been spent improving my physical capabilities.

One thing I've absorbed is the ultimatum mindset of the Spartans, a life directed toward the possibility of dying valiantly for one's tribe, one's Nation, for a worthy cause and against a worthy opponent. All of our ancestors believed in such a thing as a "beautiful death", a ticket to Valhalla, a chance to feast with other noble warriors forever.

So all of my actions have been toward one purpose: so that when the time is right, when the impending, perhaps final war against the Enemies of the European People begins in earnest, I will be all-in. Nothing left to lose makes me free to fully engage. And in that, perhaps I can, in my small way, offset the White man whose HDTV or ball game on Sunday is more important to him than the future of our Race, and who has already accepted his fate.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shouldn't We?

Since the horrific murder on April 3, 2010, of South African AWB Leader, Eugene Terre'Blanche, the Black communist government of South Africa has been "urging calm" (they do have a World Cup audience to fool), while both allowing Black racist Julius Malema to preach a message of killing White farmers (Boers), and doing nothing to stop Black criminals from actually killing Boers. It is clear from everything I am reading (and almost none of it is in the jewish-owned "mainstream" U.S. media, of course) that Whites in South Africa, and in Africa generally, are living with a sword hanging over their heads.

I came across this article yesterday. Fifteen Blacks entered a Boer home, restrained the husband while they subdued and gang-raped his wife (apparently in front of him), [sexually?] assaulted his four year old daughter, then beat the man to death. Nothing was taken from the home, so this was clearly a "hate crime" based on the victims' Race. In South Africa, it's just business as usual. Of course, even if this happened in America, Whites are not protected by "hate crime" laws; non-White U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said so publicly.

As a member of several White Nationalist forums (or, fora) and online groups, one often sees the phrase, "We should...":

"We should vote this guy out!", or "...close the borders!", or "...abolish the FED!", or "...join a Tea Party!", etc., etc.

Well, we are now seeing unrestricted killings of our White Folk in Africa. Zimbabwe, South Africa, parts of Congo, Tanzania and Kenya. The Black governments are in power and the international media is not covering nor condemning it. White people in these places, many of whom have family roots there going back several hundred years, are subject to slaughter on a whim. The perpetrators won't be punished. There is, in Africa, a license to hunt Whites.

So is this enough? Is it a strong enough message to change the word from "should" to "shall"? Is it enough to get White men and women around the world thinking, "My family is being wiped out in South Africa, so I shall help them in any way I can"? Is it enough to spark an armed rebellion against not only the African Blacks killing innocent Whites, but also against the swine who are abetting the genocide against our Boer Kindred, while at the same time, are holding the borders of Europe and the other majority-White lands open to Third World invasion? Are those two acts not simply two sides of the same anti-European mission?

It's no longer, "we should". It's now, "we must". White people talk about "the sh*t hitting the fan", "when we're in the last days", or "when a race war comes...". The fan is thoroughly hit. At just 9% of the world's population and falling, we are potentially in our last years. And as the news of the decimation of the Boers continues to pile up, we are unmistakably in an ominous and deadly war for our survival.

Helping our Race survive by any means necessary, taking any risks necessary, in what may be our final chance to ensure our Racial survival: shouldn't we?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The H-Bomb

Since the Holocaust Museum attack, the media is referring to the shooter, James von Brunn, as a "hard core Holocaust denier." He surely is, by his own words. But...

There are two questions which need to be asked at this point. First, why is the "denial" of any event which belongs to the early 1940s a taboo? And second, what difference does it make if any single person does or does not believe that the Holocaust happened, or that it was as large an event as we are led to believe? In other words, why must every living person unquestioningly accept what's told, as told? In particular, why every White person?

The problem is, in many places around the world, it is a crime, punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines, to even question the details of the official Holocaust story. Often referred to as "defaming the memory of the dead", it places the jewish Holocaust in the unique position of being the only event in history that even professional historians can't fully examine, or at least can't publish upon, unless their conclusions support the orthodox story. That is intolerable.

So, we have reached an impasse, those of us who believe in completely free political speech when backed by fact, and those who believe in repressing speech and the free exchange of ideas and information. Yet the questions remain and continue to be asked, as the censors seek new ways to disconnect us from the real audience: the people around the world who are, voluntarily or not, giving money and other assistance to the Middle Eastern country whose very "right to exist" completely hinges on the Holocaust's largely oral history. In light of that, I will say that if I can be persuaded of the truth by logical means, I will be first in line to condemn the Germans who perpetrated the crime (but not their children) and first to show solidarity with those who suffered (but not their children, either).

To that end, I have a few requests.

Give us a list of the names, please. All six million. Not the 1919 six million, who didn't actually die anymore than the Kaiser's troops skewered Belgian newborns on bayonets, or made soap from their own war dead. No, the real ones, even the 2.5-million that vanished from the Auschwitz plaque in '89. We'll just assume a rounding error.

Choose the cause of death from among crushing hammers, electrified grids, diesel exhaust, vaporizing guns, steam blasting, or gas chambers. Wait...nevermind; just gas chambers. No, just gas chambers not in Germany. Forget the Nuremberg executions of those camp officers who didn't run the death camps that didn't exist in Germany. They were probably responsible for the Katyn Forest massacre of Polish officers anyhow! Oops, no, those were the Soviets. Good thing they finally owned up to it, even though it took a good while.

Deaths from battlefield crossfire, aerial bombardment, disease and starvation don't count in the totals. Nor do legitimate wartime executions of groups of spies, collaborators or saboteurs. Piles of hair don't indicate homicide, nor do shoes, but they do indicate shaving lice-infected scalps and issuance of uniforms. Even photographs of stacks of bodies, taken in winter when they couldn't be buried, only proves that people, perhaps they were jews, died; not how, when or where.

Show us real, original blueprints for a single killing chamber that was actually used in a prison camp to massively kill humans, not typhus-carrying body lice on inmate bedding. Just one. The Germans, who have a well-earned reputation for precision and efficiency, would surely have created many such examples. Those areas marked "showers" on German diagrams would certainly have had wooden doors, soap trays, shower heads and running water, but probably not gassing ports in the ceiling. Those compartments on the camp plans which are marked gaskammer, or "gas chamber", are usually big enough to fit several dozen blankets, but not dozens of people.

Provide us with cyanide samples from the alleged killing rooms. Cyanide staining lasts for many decades, and is easily traced. You can borrow Fred Leuchter's independently verified wall samples if no one will let you collect your own from the camps.

Provide us with public forensic autopsies done on a random sample of "death camp" fatalities, so that we can see the original "Prussian blue" lung stains of condensed cyanide from gassing. Original, not staged or faked. Original, like Mr. B. Hussein Obama Soetoro's Aloha State COLB "birth certificate" is not.

Look, here's an exercise. Suppose you got news that you lost 10 relatives in a plane crash. But then, years later, you find out that 8 survived. Wouldn't you feel relief, maybe exhilaration, that you hadn't lost as many family members as you'd thought? Sure, two died, but plane crashes are awful things. Just like wars are.

Sometimes things didn't happen like you remember they did. Sometimes your mind fills in the blanks, and the story takes a turn. Sometimes you just hate the enemy so much you'll say anything about him, no matter how untrue or exaggerated. Sometimes you're just tired and hungry and you'll concoct anything to get a meal or a bed.

In the end, as thinking beings with a lust for knowledge, we can't blindly accept that the official Holocaust story can't be questioned in any aspect. We also need to know why those who guard it so zealously, work to come down so hard on those who ask those questions. What brings about that insecurity? We'd like to think stereotypes about those involved are wrong, and it's not really about money or crass political power, or some desire for mind control. That would be a tyranny of the minority. We all know in our bones that Political Correctness has been wrong in a Constitutional Republic from Day One, so that's not what you're pushing, right?

Until every White person who calls this planet home is no longer denied their Right to ask about this one forbidden thing without threats and reprisals by their various regimes and their media sycophants, while the 1st and 2nd Amendments still have teeth, we in America must do it for them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Truth from Dr. William L. Pierce

A White World, Part 1

A White World, Part 2

Monday, January 19, 2009

Other Options

During a lull in my work activity, I spent some time listening to a YouTube video by a fellow representing a "survival" site, which shall remain nameless. The guy rambled on a bit about his site, and then launched into an impromptu disclaimer. The statement, which I have heard many times on many sites in many forms was, essentially, "this information is presented for entertainment purposes and under no circumstances are we advocating violence", etc. etc.

I stopped the video, because my mind generated a divide-by-zero error.

Any site which claims to be for "survivalists" can not, under any circumstances, be opposed to prudent self-defense. To defend oneself, one can be stealthy and avoid confrontation, it's true. But, in the end, self-defense will almost certainly include the use of violence against one or more opponents. Going one step back in time, this requires both equipment and training for one to successfully remain alive and functional.

A true national emergency can happen due to any one of several circumstances: economic collapse, epidemic, large-scale power outages, external attack, wide-ranging internal terrorist acts, and so on. In such instances, while police lockdown or martial law may be imposed, there is no possible way for government to stem the actions of millions of people at once. As with all attempts at enforcing law, the "authorities" are much better at collecting evidence or rounding up offenders after the fact. This won't save anyone in the interim.

Most self-defense situations during national emergencies will NOT be one-on-one. They will involve groups of varying sizes, from a handful to a small army, preying upon individuals or families and having their way with the hapless victims and their property. Many of those instances will involve gangs or other organized criminals. Most of the victims will not be similarly organized, mainly due to the fact that law enforcement goes after the easy targets (a group of 25 White males conducting drills in the woods with Airsoft guns, deemed a "militia", and oppressed by the cops) instead of the actual severe threats to public order (i.e., the 60,000-strong, Black Gangster Disciples or the 50,000-strong, "hispanic" MS-13 operate pretty freely). Keeping our borders wide open for the easy entry of threats has helped the criminals immensely.

Couple this with the fact that, in many Leftist-controlled jurisdictions, responding with firearms even in defense of one's own life or the life of one's family is a felony. Of course, the criminals, who routinely maim or kill people and are often given little punishment for doing so, don't seem to abide by such trivial laws as those restricting gun ownership.

So, I propose something a bit different, without disclaimers and fretting. You may call me an alarmist, a fool or "Chicken Little". No matter.

I encourage every American citizen, and in particular every White American, to arm himself in any way he possibly can. I also encourage practicing in the use of every kind of firearm, from handguns to rifles to shotguns to bazookas, if you have them. One of the government's big pushes will be to attempt to confiscate all firearms. Never forget the old proverb, "A man with a gun is a citizen; a man without a gun is a subject".

I believe the training you undertake should also include basic anti-personnel devices, long-range shooting, use of edged weapons, basic chemical weaponry, and explosives theory. It should stress teamwork, setting up fields of fire, ambush, lateral assault, and squad tactics. Advance warning indicators, such as perimeter tripwires, motion-detection devices, or even the family dog, should be used to best advantage.

It's also a great idea, in my opinion, to learn everything about your neighborhood from a logistical and tactical point of view, and, if possible, to train with your neighbors to develop an encompassing protection plan for all the families in that neighborhood. Include mapping of your area, vantage points, clear areas, shelters, alternate access routes, etc.

When the bottom falls out and things go haywire, they will deteriorate with blinding speed and your world will change in days. We are in a time of relative peace and quiet now, which cannot and will not last.

As I write this, the Federal Zionist Occupation Government is working overtime to keep the lid on the economy and prevent its collapse under the burden of $10-Trillion of debt it can't support. Money is being printed like so much newsprint, and its value is dropping. The Kenyan Pretender is about to take his chieftain's throne, and has made many promises which neither he nor his handlers can possibly keep while maintaining a viable economy. And from everything I've seen of him, Obama and his crew are nothing if not anti-White in their focus.

So, use the time we have to put together your plan of action. Get away from urban areas, from which most of the violence will emanate. If you are staying put, work to reinforce your position, get to know who among your neighbors you can trust in and rely upon, and get your gear in place. Set up fall-back locations and escape routes. If at all possible, avoid having to go to FEMA, police or military "refugee" (detention) centers. Dissolve into the background and avoid all contact with "authorities" whose primary purpose is to dispossess you of your liberties and place you under their absolute control.

If you are planning a bug-out to a new location, get that place set up now if you haven't already. Otherwise, do not expect that you will be treated any differently than the millions of others who will be reacting by flailing about helplessly after the fact.