Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pushing Back

Last night, I heard yet another politician going on about the "immigration crisis". Whenever I see the word "crisis" in conjunction with either government or media nitwits, the situation becomes clear. It's just another series of events which either or both of those entities have watched and "analyzed", and done absolutely nothing constructive to prevent or correct. In many cases, the actions of the politicos have made everything much worse, or directly caused the "crisis". Examples of these include the ballooning of the mortgage market, the decline of the dollar, and the current disastrous speculation in the petroleum market.

There are some facts to consider when we think about illegal immigration. It's been going on for decades. It was largely enabled by the measured failure of government to do its Constitutional duty and enforce border laws. Once it was known that people wouldn't be stopped upon entry (and even if arrested, would not be jailed, but deported at the border), certain employers began to hire these workers for sub-legal wages and unregulated hours. This began in the agriculture industry, and spread to manual labor, then to unskilled and now, skilled labor. In a time when apprenticeships have become outmoded for citizens as cost-ineffective, illegals have learned new skills and gained experience because they make far less money. This allows sloppier work and looser schedules without dismissal, because even correcting bad work costs less than paying someone to do it right the first time. Simple economics. And as time has gone by, the Western world has learned to accept incompetence, delays, workers who don't speak the local language, and a growing population of those people inside their countries.

In the U.S., there are estimates ranging from 12- to 30-MILLION people within the borders who simply do not belong here. The current mob of invaders are demanding the "right" to transplant their national identities into America completely intact, while expecting Americans to fund their families (over a third of illegals are on welfare and/or food stamps), their kids' educations (many states have laws requiring all children to be educated in public schools, even in their "native languages"), and take care of their health (most American hospitals have to treat anyone who shows up in emergency rooms, even if not for emergencies; this is causing more and more hospitals to shut down every year). There are many sources of unbiased information which were used to dismantle the "What if [illegal] immigrants disappeared" argument that illegals are vitally needed by Americans. We don't need them, they need us. Otherwise, we'd be looking to Mexico, Nicaragua, etc. for life lessons.

The political windbag I was listening to was discussing the patent foolishness of any idea which would remove the illegal population from the U.S. In other words, in his opinion, there's no way we will ever restore America to a nation with actual boundaries which can't be crossed. Can't even be reasonably discussed, said he. I hadn't checked, but he may also be a supporter of the North American Union, which promotes erasing our borders entirely, and replace dollars with "ameros". These would be the same bastards who have been destroying the fabric of Europe, by the same methods.

My response to this is simple. I propose that we leave the professional military in Iraq, as they prepare to wage war against Iran and further float Israel's aggressive dominance in the Middle East on an ocean of young American blood. They are mercenaries at the moment, having been deluded into believing they are defending Americans at home. Yes, they should be here, shoring up the borders, but they are not coming back en masse for many years. I wish them well and hope they survive.

But on the home front, there's a simpler solution: a deputization by popular vote, under authority of the 2nd Amendment.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
Make all able-bodied adult citizens Immigration Enforcement Officers. Give them militia-like capacity to arrest, detain, deport and if necessary, to shoot illegals. This is the way our ancestors, from the Founders on, would have handled the problem.

Citizens currently outnumber the illegal invaders at 10 to 1 or better. In another generation, they will be citizens themselves along with another 20-million who drift across the border to gain amnesty. There is no more time left to us to waste. If we wait, we hasten the creation of the new Mexination of "Aztlan" in our Southwest.

The corollary to this lies at the other end: ridding ourselves of the internal problem children who've gotten us to this point: the arrogant politicians who opened our country to this, the avaricious business owners who paid them to come here, and the controlled media which cheered it all on.