Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meximum Exposure

The "Absolut Disaster" ad (above) has been commented about and circulated all day. As might be expected when caught with their corporate hand in the New World Order cookie jar, the company's been blathering about their real intent, lack of intent, or confused intent. Confused by...us? Confused by the White People of North America and their, what, surprising (?) reaction to this image?

As of this moment, Mexicans have illegally entered this country for over 30 years. Illegally from our perspective, that is. There are 30-million here that should not be, by law. Another 3-million were given a pass by "our" Congress in 1986, and they're all now looking for the Round 2 amnesty to pass sometime soon, which they have precisely no entitlement to. After all, our government beat them in a war, signed treaties with them (which bear a higher authority than Congressional law), paid them $28-million for what we took, and so our laws apply. Thus, they and their kids have zero right to be on this side of the line.

Apart from the many, many criminal, paramilitary street gangs and criminal organizations which have arrived north of the Rio Grande, there are two groups which we should know about and understand. They are Mexican nationalist orgs, which I would actually support if Mexico didn't already exist as the Mexican homeland. The problem I have with them is, they are attempting to precipitate the division of the United States at the expense of the White majority, and unless something radically and rapidly changes, they will win their lost land back.

They call their expanded version of Mexico "Aztlán", an adapted Nahuatl tribal word, although some refer to much of it as "Alta [Upper] California". They see the green image on that map as "theirs", and will not debate that point. They are called "MEChA" (Acronym for "Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán") and an offshoot, "La Raza" ("The Race"). MEChA wants you to hand over the green states, no compromise. And please do not think that the folks in that group will hand out any "benefits" to us or our families. They don't think we deserve it, and have said so. It's the attitude you notice most when people are waving Mexican flags, burning effigies of Uncle Sam, and holding signs calling the Founding Fathers "illegal immigrants". However, no Mexican has yet provided proof of claim on Virginia, nor could they physically displace the dot.Indians and Blacks.

Whites are no longer the majority population in New Mexico and California, and will soon be below 50% in Texas and Arizona. Other states across the country are feeling the resettlements, including Iowa, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Most East Coast states are already beyond repair: NJ, NY, Rhode Island, Massachusetts are largely "not us".

With the tattered condition that the U.S. is in, with most of its troops fighthing Bush's and McCain's 100-year war, and many of those troops being "hispanic", many thinking White people have come to a conclusion. To toss our chips into the pile with a government which despises us, distorts our history and heritage, puts those less qualified ahead of us, and yokes us to supporting illegals, invaders and layabouts who prefer other pastimes to working, is perhaps not the best idea. This government can't save things, can't protect anyone and can't stop what a certain element started perhaps 50 years ago. We must sit out this larger pending war with the mestizos, and concentrate our efforts to gain a North American White Homeland. If the Mexicans, at 15% of the population, can pull this off, so can Whites at four times their numbers. Or can we?

One way in which this can be accomplished is the way that White Americans traditionally avoided racial conflicts and accompanying street crime: "voting with our feet". By making one last move to a new location, by migration. A land where we can live by ourselves, and not impose ourselves on others who hate us. Those people can have us out of their lives forever. And of course, the reverse is also true. Perhaps it could be the Pacific Northwest (Northwest Republic), perhaps the northern tier States (Republic of Dakota), or maybe upper New England (2nd Vermont Republic, Vinland Nation, or Acadia). Other areas would be, sadly, less than optimal.

There is a limited, narrowing window on such a plan. If it doesn't start soon, very soon, it will likely not be possible ever again.

The alternative aspect to this is now flooding across our former countries like a tsunami. "Our" bought and owned politicians have thrown the floodgates open, and in a final push are working to ensure that, no matter who's elected in November, things will not change. Whites will become the minority population in this country, and our percentage will decline every year. When White partners are no longer available for our descendant to mate with, the plan of the Nation Wreckers will be complete. For a glimpse of a hispanic-majority scenario, refer to the history of Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico. For a Black/White study, either Jamaica, South Africa or Zimbabwe will do. None of those is very appealing.

As the numbers increase, the tax liabilities expand, and the economy finally sputters to a halt in a sea of foreign debt and political extravagances, things will get much worse. If we are still here, distributed across post-crash AmeriKwa, we will be forced to fight while disorganized and often disarmed, and the odds are not in our favor.

We will need to make any choice for a Homeland, today, this week, this year. As the old saying goes, better to have and not need, than need and not have.


Norseblod said...
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Norseblod said...

I personaly will first be moving to FL in the next week or two for a short time, and than heading to either Idaho or OR within the next year, year and a half. Demagraphic, Climate,agriculture, all these things I think are prime for a white teritory. I hope others will also head to the north west.