Friday, April 18, 2008

Fourth and Goal

Every week during football season, people get together and talk about the weekend game. There is debate about offense and defense, officiating and penalties. Coaching strategies are dissected, and after it's all been rehashed, the next game talked about. We all know this as "Monday morning quarterbacking". It's a semi-humorous method of taking the coach's place. Of course, it has no effect on the previous game or the next one, but millions engage in it anyway. It lets off steam and allows people to identify with a particular sport or team as a fan, because they can't actually play the game on a professional level. Occasionally, we hear of fans being called "hobbyists", because their patronage is simply a diversion from the daily grind of life.

I've recently begun to have this feeling about White Nationalist (WN) forums. If you go to any of these and read the posts, you'll find that someone has THE answer for any problem currently afflicting the White race. In fact, several do. Every incident, under whatever topic, is carefully peeled down, analyzed, regarded with respect to its impact on White people, and then...not much else.

At first glance, it seems a bit strange that, while the New World Order folks have been busy tearing down every civil right possessed by Americans, racialist internet forums have largely been left alone. Yes, there have been attacks by individuals and even small groups of interlopers, but there has been no serious government clamp-down on WN forums. Many have found that hard to believe, but there's method to the apparent oversight. The people in power understand that, even among WNs, the Sheep Factor is still going strong.

In a forum for, say, Corvette enthusiasts, one commonality is, most of the posters actually do things which they then write or ask questions about. For instance, they may install some performance equipment, then a post appears, and others make pro and con comments, offer advice, share their own experience, and so on.

The problem with WN forums is, there is a practical limit on what people there can (and will) do outside the forum. It's called "criminal behavior". And most, therefore, have resigned themselves to writing and ranting.

The reason for this is simple. Right now, White people around the world are facing the most hostile period in the history of our Race. Having won the Second War to Kill White People (WW2), the zio-communists (variously called "leftists", "liberals", "Democrats", and more recently "Republicans") have since spent their time infiltrating Western governments and completely overhauling various policies to ensure that Whites are now on the defensive on all fronts. This has taken the form of various imposed ideologies and other alterations, such as forced racial integration, affirmative action and quotas, feminism, promotion of homosexuality, open borders and defense of CrimMigration, currency debasement, and the erasure of national identities.

What this has done is placed White people in a quandary. Whites are prevented, in many cases under color of law, from rebutting legal and moral assaults against themselves. If a White person harms a non-White, it's almost always classified as a "hate crime", while the reverse is almost never true, even when self-evident. If a White person condemns the policies of Israel or the behavior of individual jews (Asiatic ethnics), the "anti-semitism" flag is raised (although, tellingly, there is no opposite equivalent for jews dumping on White people). Politicians pander to every group except Whites, whom they apparently see as irrelevant. As a group, the system tells White people, in essence, to sit down and shut up.

President John F. Kennedy recognized the danger in suppressing healthy resistance to oppression when he said, "He who makes peaceful revolution impossible, makes violent revolution inevitable." If steam is passed through a series of valves and pipes, a house is warmed. If the steam is contained, the boiler builds pressure and eventually explodes. If White people can't even express their frustrations without being called "racists", "haters" or worse; if White men can't defend their women and families without being hauled into court; if White groups can't gather on their own time and in their own places without intrusion by a dozen other groups, then serious, irreversible problems begin to fester.

The forum postings provide a regulated vent for many people, allowing them to become Keyboard Kommandos and fight against the Man, against ZOG, against the NWO, the jews, the Blacks, the "hispanics" and whomever else the White race is facing. And when they shut off their PCs, they can turn on CSI and life goes on. No harm and no foul, but no change either.

In cold honesty, the only path that's left for Whites as a group is mass violence. It is, as JFK said, inevitable. In every White-majority country, non-White immigration has become a flood. The lifeboats are sinking. Even the most ardently indifferent White person can see it. It gets worse every year. The White populations of those countries are declining, fed by the NWO lie of the "need" for outsiders and the bottom-line greed of deracinated White business owners and their customers.

In the not-too-distant future, some White person will have had enough. That person will react to the world with extreme, deadly force. Another will see it happen and be moved to act, and another, and another. People will throw up their hands and no longer care if they live or die, and in this mind, they will act. And so it will begin.

The pieces of this puzzle are now being laid in place; along with the other aspects, the economies of the Western countries are heading into the toilet. Businesses will cut staff, people will stop buying, families will lose their homes, and formerly apathetic Whites will be forced into direct, daily and dangerous contact with people who hate them with a passion, simply because they are White. At that time, they will understand that their skin is their uniform. Whether there will be enough of them left to right the ship before it sinks beneath the waves forever is another question.

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Aryan Angel said...

Well Written ! Very true, I have felt my hands tied for quite some time now.It seams for me the only realistic action to focus on is to be prepared for the fight. Thats why I went into the weapons business.Live free or Die Fighting...Cuz dieing on our feet beats living on our knees.