Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Feed, They Breed, Etc.

One thing I've noticed in conversations over the past several weeks has been a growing general sense of unease in people. Some of it is an adverse reaction of White people to the idea of an Obama presidency, but many Whites look at McCain with equal disdain and mistrust. Bush's tyrannical, Executive Order-saturated tenure is, mercifully, coming to a close. The most power-drunk, smug, sanctimonious, condescending, sarcastic and anti-Constitutional adult child ever to hold the highest office in the U.S. is finally heading off into the sunset, and if we ever hear from him again, it'll be too soon.

The American people are facing a coming together of many currents, and each day a different one becomes the priority. The housing market collapse, the fluctuating price of fuel, dizzying gold and silver peaks and valleys, the continuing decline of the dollar, job losses, increasing imbalance of trade, the tensions over Iran, and Georgia's attack of South Ossetia followed by Russia's military response are the headline grabbers that keep people wondering.

But all of these things share a commonality: they are essentially externals. Between 1787 and 1965, the U.S. saw its share of good and bad times, scandals, booms, busts, expansions, wars, and change. But we got through those times, including the worst economic depression ever seen, and came out whole. The main reason had nothing to do with what we had or how we earned a living or the price of a cup of coffee. The "how", the "why" and the "where" were meaningless. It was entirely about the "who". During all those trials, we were a land where 9 out of 10 of us were White people.

Yesterday, I read a new projection, crowed about by the Leftists in the media who want the White race destroyed. It claimed that Whites will no longer be a numerical majority in the U.S. by the year 2042, eight years earlier than previously predicted. It also stated that school-aged White kids are already under the 50% mark, with "hispanics" being the fastest-growing non-White group. Of course, this doesn't mean that Whites will be a minority then, only that we will be a plurality, the largest group among many. However, minority status will not be far behind.

This got me thinking about another tidbit of information I'd seen a few months ago. A demographer did some calculations, taking into account the high birthrate among Mexicans and other "hispanics" living within the United States, and using a figure of 20-million illegal criminal aliens among them. His conclusion was that, even if we closed the border, tight as a drum, at this very moment, "hispanics" would still be a majority by 2050 or so. It would only avoid the 2042 transition for a few extra years. But in fact, the border remains open and pregnant Mexican women come into the U.S. to have their "anchor babies" here and drag their entire family's future into America's.

What effects will a non-White majority have on this land, on our People and our children? It will not be positive, of that I am absolutely certain. Although we are not "allowed", as a Race, to display pride in public, and condemned as "haters" for attempting to do so, other Races hold us responsible for what happened to their people 50, 100 or 300 years ago. We get the blame without any reward. It's a lose/lose situation for European-Americans.

The major "hispanic" movement, "The Council of La Raza" (The Race), is anti-White and anti-American. Its primary goal is the "return" of lands allegedly stolen from Mexicans, and the completion of "Reconquista" (re-conquest). Anyone who thinks that these folks will be level-headed and kind, if they succeed in their plan, is nuts. And several institutions, like Wachovia Bank, have made major contributions to this openly racist group. On the heels of this, we are also being rapidly besieged by such lovely people as the ultra-violent, racist MS-13 gang, which originated in El Salvador*.

So, "hispanics" will be the predominant contenders for power. In spite of their claims, most of the Southwest was held by local, native tribes, not Mexican Indians like the Chihuahuas. They have no "entitlement" to it. And without question, they have exactly ZERO right or claim in any of the Southern, Northwestern, Midwestern or Eastern states.Yet they continue to swarm into those places, lured in by mostly upper-class Whites, people whose avoidance of hard work and emphasis on easy living is now legendary. As with the introduction of slavery into the Colonies, fault for the influx of Mexican CrimMigrants lies in the greed of these White Americans.

Blacks also want us to lose our majority status. In the meantime, they, through their media whores and minstrels like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (you know, the "reverend" who called Obama a nigger and threatened to cut off his balls, to no outcry from the "Black community"?) want more and more from White Americans every year. In the early 1950s, a jewish-created organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) used its political connections to force school integration on White Americans. This was needed because "discrimination" prevented Black kids from succeeding. The missing factor was, and remains, that American Blacks test out, on average, in the 85 IQ range, to the White kids 100. This isn't racist propaganda, it's hard science. As I've admitted, White men can't jump, but Black men can't do linear algebra.

However, White America suspended its collective disbelief and integration spread from schools to neighborhoods to churches to politics. During that time, White people came up with what I call "guilt programs": welfare and later AFDC, food stamps, HeadStart, Affirmative Action, racial quotas in hiring and education, reduced fees and college tuition for minorities, free or reduced-cost name it, White people have offered these gifts to Blacks, because we "treated them so awfully in the past". Well of course, slavery is a horrible policy. But after it was over, the children of those slaves had the highest standard of living among non-Whites anywhere in the world.

After all that, White people are now expected to get in line for reparations payments for "our" part in slavery. The fact that not a single living person in the U.S. was ever directly affected by or participated in slavery on either side is no deterrent.

In the end, we are the butt of every negative attitude possible among non-Whites. We are despised by them, hated, targeted. The rhetoric of Obama's Black supporters echoes this. In spite of this, the direction of immigration is always a flow of non-Whites into White countries. If we're so awful, so "racist", why do they want to be among us?

But, what will happen when we're no longer "in charge", when our lands are no longer ours, when we are not leaders but subjects? How might things change?

Let's see...Whites have invented pretty much every object, device and system that makes modern life livable. This runs from conveniences like television, telephones, electric lighting, automobiles, aircraft, internal combustion engines, electronics, and computers, to life-sustaining systems that allow six-billion humans to inhabit this planet: mass agriculture (including chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides as well as plant hybridization and improved seed storage), modern medicine including epidemiology, recycling and reduction of waste products and pollutants, and energy-efficient construction and operational techniques. These contributions have allowed most of the 3rd World to survive childhood and have large families. In fact, it has allowed the world's population balance to shift from 34% White in 1900 to between just 8-10% today. We can't know for sure, because many countries don't want to alarm their White residents by posting correct census figures. But we can say with certainty, for instance, that there are more Indians or Chinese or Africans on Earth than all White people combined. We are only a majority in a few places, for now.

And when large non-White families arrive in this land, courtesy of Emmanuel Celler's and Ted Kennedy's 1965 inversion of the immigrant ratios, we generally pay for them in one way or another. That money will be gone.

White Folk need to make hard decisions, and soon. We need to turn a critical eye on our apparent willingness to contribute to our own extinction. Will we expend our talents, our creativity, our work and our time to help others or ourselves? Will we continue to give away our technologies to those who can't properly use them or keep them for our own enrichment and progress? Will we continue to live among people who hate us, or form our own lands and let them fend for themselves without us? These and other choices will be made, either by us or for us.

It's time we worked together to ensure our own future. It's time for us to put ourselves first and let the chips fall where they will. It's time for us to part company with the leeches who are draining our resources, filling our spaces and abusing our Folk. It's time for the restoration of White Nations.

(* Note: many thanks to Mad Casper for his editing!)

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