Friday, February 29, 2008


I've always been one of those people who never remembers their dreams. I sleep like a rock and sometimes snore like a bear, but the little movies that run through my mind don't seep into my conscious thoughts upon waking. Last night was different.

The dream I had was chilling because it played out within completely normal life circumstances. It was also fearsome because it's actually happening right now, slowly, inexorably and, unless we completely change course, permanently.

It was a weekend or holiday, because it was mid-day and I wasn't working. I was out taking a relaxed walk on the street near my apartment, enjoying the sunshine. But something was very wrong. I couldn't put a finger on it. Then it hit me. There were almost no people on the street. The thought came over me that I needed to get off the street, to hide somewhere out of view.

I ran behind a small building near the local canal, squatting low among the adjacent shrubbery which was beginning to show new Spring growth. As I looked out, a truck rolled by, filled with National Guardsmen followed by another slightly smaller truck with cops in the bed. The second truck was towing a trailer. All the men were wearing riot gear and fully armed. There were also cops hanging on the sides of the cab, looking down the streets.

They approached the house across from me, stopped, and several ran up to the front door. A cop with gray hair knocked on the door, and an older woman answered. She was asked to step outside, and as she did, she was taken by the arm to a school bus and put aboard. Next, an old man came to the door, the cop said something to him, and he was also taken away. A small group of men went inside, and came back out with a shotgun, some papers and a cardboard box. I heard the senior military officer say to the old man, "You are charged with violation of the Weapons Act."

I took a back route back to my apartment, and when I got there, I knew I had to get my things and get away from there. There were two young people in the parking lot loading their car with bags. I turned on the TV and there were news reports of mass "anti-terrorism" arrests, including searches and arrests for possession of firearms in the New York metro area following "FBI infiltration of a White supremacist organization with ties to al-Qaeda". The news said the Feds had a huge list of people who were involved and were finding them, and taking them to six Federal detention centers. All of the people being arrested on the video were White.

Neither of the news anchors were White. None of the cops or Guardsmen I'd seen in the trucks were White. I put together a bag with my most valuable possessions. I loaded that into my car along with my toolbox and guns, and drove out of my complex. None of the people I passed on the street were White; almost all were Latino and Indian. On the radio, there was a report that a small nuclear bomb had been found in lower Manhattan, and a second in Union City, NJ. Scientists were attempting to disarm them. Rumors of neo-Nazi involvement was interspersed. Roads across northern New Jersey were jammed, said the radio. My knuckles were white from gripping the wheel.

I veered off onto a side road and knew I was going to need a different vehicle to get out of the area. I parked my car in a lot, quickly removed the license plates and pried off the VIN plate. There was an Indian couple nearby, sitting in their Hummer H3. I made an instant decision. I walked over, pulled out my pistol and commandeered the truck. My first thought was to get as far north as possible, and to take as many off-road routes as possible. I was shaking from the adrenaline rush, trying to avoid authorities, trying to figure out the right way to go, and saw distant flashing lights in my rearview mirror. I woke up bathed in sweat.

I took a long shower, then sat on my couch, thinking about the dream. Completely coincidentally, I saw an advertisement in an open "Wired" magazine talking about the expanding world population. We will have, said the ad, 70 million more people added to the world's population EVERY YEAR. And I thought about the projection that the total world population will be NINE BILLION in another 30 years. Of that increase, almost ALL of will be non-White.

The floodgates of White nations of the world have been opened to uncontrolled Third World immigration. White people aren't pouring into China, India, Africa, Indonesia or Mexico. But the reverse, as we all know, is certainly true. China could send out a contingent equal to the total population of the U.S. and STILL have over a BILLION people at home. Ditto India.

We are merely eight percent (8%) of the entire human population. Until recently, we were largely unaffected by the fact of our dwindling numbers, because we lived within land areas comprised almost entirely of our own kindred. While this was in effect, our numbers relative to the rest of the planet were inconsequential. We largely ignored the outside world.

The problem, the 800-lb. gorilla in the living room, the point that no reporter or politician or even White activist can or will express, is simple. The goal of the powers in charge, the zionists, the New World Order, the far Left, the internationalists, is to equalize the White population ratio in EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH. They want every country to contain no more than 8% White people. Once that's achieved, we will be further isolated, divided, reduced, worn away, and absorbed by the non-White masses until we are gone. Period.

This is the reason behind "hate crime" and "hate speech" laws which are ONLY directed at Whites. This is the reason behind the lumping of Latino and other non-Whites into the "White" perpetrator category in DOJ crime statistics, but not in the victim category. This is the reason for the celebration of Black majority takeover in South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Congo and Kenya, while at the same time decrying White majority opinion in Europe. It's the reason for the increasing torrent of portrayals of interracial relationships on TV and in films. It's why the strict immigration policies of the nations of Mexico, China, India and Israel are lauded, but any attempt to restrain immigration of non-Whites into Europe is condemned. It's why, according to the media, White history is filled with racists and genocidal maniacs, while Black history translates into an entire month of celebration. It's why Mexicans who have no legal right to be in the U.S. can hold mass demonstrations against the country they've invaded, while White Americans are considered criminals and smeared if they gather to promote their own cause.

We are having everything we've achieved stripped from us, every law we've created to protect our Rights torn away, and every land in which we live swarmed over. While this is going on, the White middle-class wordlessly worries and frets and does absolutely nothing to change it.

Soon enough, I think, my nightmare will begin to play out. Whites will become targets, simply because they are White. This has already happened in Africa and South America. It will also begin to happen in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and wherever else we exist in numbers. It will accelerate. It will be fueled by the media. The power elites, the traitors to their own People, will isolate themselves, and the rest of us will pay the cost through our total destruction.

I am not going quietly into that long night, my Friends. The time to act is already upon us. The machinery for our destruction has been put into operation. What will you do? Will you stand and live, or lie down and die?


Rising Eagle said...

You have struck a nerve with me. This has been my fear, especially in the sense of gun ownership. Disarm the people and you can do what ever you wish to them. You will definitely lose if you show up to a gun fight with a club. You should write a short story about this. A 1984 like story based on your dream.

goddess of... said...

Interesting that you wrote about this dream on this particular day. I was discussing the very topic with my father while driving to the furniture store. My father made a good point. He said that we should have never brought them ere and when the war was over, and they were declared FREE, we should have shipped them back. He blames the media for most of the problems we face today. The acceptance of inter-racial couples. The rise in homosexuality. The general laziness of the population. I have to agree and I know you do too. For me...the true danger is that people are content to complain and carry on behind closed doors. But in reality, they do nothing. Just sit back and accept. I'm glad you speak up. This is an important subject that cannot be ignored. Thanks for the post!