Friday, March 28, 2008

Standing In The Corner

Over the past few weeks, I've been reading a series of novels by Harold A. Covington. Mr. Covington has been a soldier, most notably participating with the S.A.S. in the Rhodesia wars of 30 years ago, before Ian Smith's horrendous betrayal of Rhodesians.

The books are about the establishment of a Northwestern American Republic, comprising the current states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. It's an idea which I wholeheartedly favor. The titles of these works are:
"A Mighty Fortress"
"A Distant Thunder"
"The Hill of the Ravens"
"The Brigade" (newly released in PDF)

Mr. Covington is not the only person to preach the idea of a White homeland in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Several years ago, a man named Robert Mathews formed a group called "The Order" and was joined by several other men. Mathews believed that the PNW was the ideal place for White nationhood to happen. He also knew that the movement would need money, and so the group committed criminal acts to get that money. This led to their downfall, with Mathews being burned to death in his home, at the hand of Federal agents.

Since then, less provocative measures have been taken in order to spread the word of White migration to the PNW. There have been a succession of organizations and websites dedicated to that end.

In the books, without giving too much of the plot away, one day agents of the U.S. government go over the line once too many, and the formerly somnolent sheeple awaken with a start and find their feet. What proceeds from that moment is the core of the story. It's not simple, it's not pretty, there are many setbacks, losses and hardships. But the people in the tale achieve their ultimate goal.

We are in a place in time where events are gathering which can produce extraordinary devastation of part or all of our population. Coupled with this is the increasing downward pressure on European Folk across the globe. Even Europe's future is no longer certain. Former comedian, and now grumpy old bastard, George Carlin thinks the time of White people in Europe is over, and the next phase of that continent is muslim. Assuming that's true, and with Canada and Australia being flooded with Asians, and the U.S. with "hispanics" (and Asians as well), where would Mr. Carlin suppose White people will live? HOW does he suppose we'll continue? How will life be in lands where we're a 1/10th minority, or less? Will our new governors be as disposed to putting their hand out for us as the foolish among us have done for them?

The PNW core states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho contain 245,336 square miles of land area. There are just over 10,000,000 people living in the three states, but the bulk of the population, about 35%, lives in the major cities. Even so, this averages just 41 people per square mile. Compare that with the rat-trap of New Jersey at 1150/sq. mi.

I lived in western Oregon for almost two years, almost two decades ago. I will always remember it as a magnificent area, full of every blessing which could be bestowed on a land. There were places I'd see on the backroads, where I'd simply have to stop and drink in the scenery and smell the clean air of the forested mountains. I spent free time travelling, from northern California up through Puget Sound, and into B.C. I often took a lunch, travelled out for miles on some unused fire road in the hills, and sat reading and eating while watching the natural world around me. Even my house had a view of a small mountainside, and an old train would sometimes wind its way along the edge of that mountain early in the day. Had my personal circumstances been different at that time, I'd never have left.

There are miles of mountains, forests, grasslands and farms in the PNW. It has ports and accessibility to the Pacific markets. Environmental controls are strict but small businesses are encouraged. Its economy is slow at the moment, but with a strong population of like mind and industriousness, concentrating on bringing out the best aspects of the area, it could be a powerhouse. It could also be a beacon to White people everywhere who are tired of current events and how they'll inevitably play out. At that point, perhaps other states might desire inclusion.

We have allowed the lands our ancestors created and built to take in residents, many illegally here, who now push us from among themselves. Whites who have "voted with their feet" on the concept of integrated living now find themselves with few places left to which to flee. Yet, staying and fighting for our space in most of the U.S. is no longer viable, since those who take a stand will be deemed "terrorists" by the New World Order faction.

If we do build a White nation, we will have no one to rely on but ourselves. We would be in conflict with many already in the PNW: those of the Left, those from wealthier backgrounds whose lives revolve around the bottom line, and those who live off the teat of government. And we would be, as the Confederacy found itself, illegally denied our Right to secede and to live on our own terms, by force. Any such migration favoring to that conclusion must include preparation for conflicts on its menu.

There is precious little time left for White people to decide on a course of action, here or anywhere else. This is not alarmism nor is it an extremist, tin-foil hat declaration. We are at the edge. Many will not become involved in politics, will not resist, will not stand, will not adhere to our own and unify. They will die off. If we follow their lead, so shall we all pass and be gone forever.

Every day, we see people taking a stand for different reasons and within various causes: Darfur, Tibet, the end of the war in Iraq, and so on. In some cases, people gather to prevent certain species from disappearing: whales, spotted owls, tigers, wolves or snail darter fish. These animals, they feel, merit special help because they are being pressured out of existence.

Are White people any less deserving of survival? Are the people who gave "the World" to the world less important? Are the originators of Western Civilization so trivially discarded?

We must stand as one, we must now put aside our ethnic and historical differences, and we must have a singular purpose: to secure the existence of our People, and a future for White children. Without achieving that, there can be nothing else for us.

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