Monday, June 18, 2007

Our House

(Original posting date 06.14.2007)

This evening, I was talking to a friend about various things and the topic of politics came up, as it often does with me. One topic in particular was discussed.

When people grow up in large families, one of the marks of approaching maturity is to get one's own bedroom. There is a sweetness in independence from siblings who may, and often do, act or think differently. Having brothers and sisters is cool, but nobody argues that it's even cooler to be able to sometimes shut that bedroom door.

As we grow older, that spirit of independent living extends to our own residences. We revel in the idea of having our own place, our own space. Maybe it's an apartment, or as we are able to afford it, a condo or house. We put our touches on the place, arrange the furniture to our liking, make our own rules for living. Our friends are welcome, but at day's end, that space is our own. Having friends and neighbors is wonderful, but again, no one would disagree that having that quiet time without anyone else around but self, or perhaps partner or family, is why we got the place.

Nationalism is just like that. It's exactly like having that house and making it our own. A true nation is an extended family. And like a family, we all need a place to come home to, kick off our shoes and get comfortable. A place to be ourselves, let our hair down and not worry about what we say or do. We work best among ourselves and do poorly when forced into multicultural arrangements. As Jefferson Davis said, "All that we ask is to be let alone".

A true nation-state is formed by mutual agreement, not war or coercion. I've found that, as I've talked to people, even non-racialist folks, most think that having such a country for ourselves is an excellent idea.

The European nations were all like that at one time. We were isolated there, by ice ages and time, and we grew with only ourselves as company. Ethnic groups had their own lands and while this was true, and there was respect for borders, people got along well. The European colonies of North America, Australia and New Zealand were founded in lands with existing populations, but once underway, were also heavily segregated. All of these lands prospered and became the envy of the globe.

We are now in a downward spiral of uncontrolled non-European immigration into European-based former nations, of a breaking down of spatial barriers and erasure of borders. Mexicans, Chinese and Indians flood into North America. Algerians pour into France, Moroccans into Spain, Turks into Germany and Lebanese into Sweden.

The world is 91% non-White. China could send the equivalent of the entire U.S. population to the U.S. and still have enough left in China to do it three more times. The same is nearly true of India. The Muslim world contains over a billion adherents, nearly all Arabics or other non-Whites. Africa is actively sending its population out as a safety valve against internal starvation.

This world of emigration is heading for the West, clawing its way in, not realizing or caring that as the ship of plenty fills, it will surely sink while taking all with it. The rest of the planet wants what we have, what we've invented and refined and upgraded. They want our money, our lifestyles, and most importantly, our lands and resources. Instead of staying in their homelands and building their own perfect house, they want to move into ours, a house which they did not build.

As their numbers among us increase, we are faced with two choices: Become a minority in a land which has absolutely no concern for our well-being or that of our children, eventually to disappear. Or we can found our own nation on a piece of land and build our new home on it.

It's time we had that house, that home, that place to kick off out shoes and hang out with our amazing, and truly diverse, extended White family.

And we need to be able to close the door and have our privacy.

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Carol said...

I'm glad you included this one. As you know, it's one of my favorites. I hope you have many happy hours blogging here and makes lots of new friends. Enjoy your day!!