Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Crunch

Today, the second attempt by Kennedy & Co. to ram an immigration bill down the collective throat of America failed. Enough Senators got the word that their jobs would be in jeopardy to tip the balance in favor of ending passage. Senator Kennedy, oblivious to his lost importance, vowed to bring it up again. Where's Sirhan Sirhan, I wonder, when we truly need him.

This is of course Kennedy's attempt to follow up his triumph in the 1965 Immigration Act, when he, acting as the gentile water-bearer for the professional rabble-rouser, jewish Senator Emmanuel Celler, lied the bill to passage. We were promised it wouldn't affect the demographics of American society then; thirty years and millions upon millions of third-world invaders later, we know the truth.

There are, at the moment, about 6.2 BILLION featherless bipeds distributed around the globe. Of those, estimates are that about 9%, or around 600-million, are White and of purely European descent. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get a clear number, because the swine running the various formerly-White nation-states (now simply countries) are covering up the numbers. They are doing this, at least in part, to prevent a wholesale revolt by the White members of those countries. But the 600-million number seems about right.

Now, if we were alone in our own homelands, our own nations, this would be fine. Say, 200-million in the U.S., 250-million in Europe, and the rest in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We'd have enough land to live comfortably, and enough resources to support ourselves. There'd be work for everyone, too. And we'd select our leaders in accordance with our needs as a People.

Illegal immigrants wouldn't be a problem in the Vinland or any other White land; anyone not White would be recognized as an outsider, much as a White person in Tibet is now. We could have visitors and tourists, of course, but they would promptly return home after their stay. Mexicans would live in Mexico, Indians in India, and Chinese in China. Quite simple.

The focus recently has been on illegal immigrants, or "CrimMigrants" as I call them. These border-jumpers, along with the swine in the business and political communities who pave their way for them, should be sent packing right now. But we, not only in North America but other White lands, seem to be paralyzed and unresponsive. We do nothing. But the illegals, ranging from 12-million (the "official" government lie) to 30-million (closer to reality) are only part of the problem.

There are also the H1-b visa holders. These folks came over for temporary employment or educational reasons. Many if not most of the Asians in North America who've arrived in the past 20 years are in this category. When their visas expired, nothing happened. They stayed, many had children who are considered "citizens" because they dropped from the birth canal into American territory ("anchor babies", also a common phenomenon, and cats-paw for gaining residence, among illegal "hispanics"), and now they are somehow considered "Americans".

Finally, there are the legals who came to fill professional positions: physicians, scientists, programmers, pharmacists and so on. Whether or not their credentials are ever questioned, I don't know, but they have taken over many blocs within those communities.

So the problem isn't restricted to illegal entrants, but ALL non-European entrants. Our governments are allowing, and even encouraging, the invasion and take-over of our lands through increasing numeric superiority.

As I've discussed previously, there are finite resources available in all countries. The United States was at its best with the population somewhere between 100 to 200-million people, 90% of whom were White. Having brought Black people here, usually against their will, we owed them a share in the bounty, and they got it (and continue to, in greater, displacing amounts every year). But now, we're being forced to share those resources, the water, the trees, the food output, and all life in general, with people who will never "assimilate", never start speaking English, and never be a part of the predominant culture. This is true in all formerly White countries everywhere. It is not true in non-White countries. China, India and Mexico, for instance, face no onslaught of immigrants who seek to isolate themselves culturally. In fact, they face little immigration of any sort. They have anti-immigration laws, certainly anti-illegal laws, and they rigorously enforce them. We do not. We display guilt-ridden, neurotic "tolerance" toward people who are not only like us, but often avoid and despise us; they do not.

Every day in America, the nation grows less American, Europe becomes less European, Australia less Australian. These regions were built over generations by sweat and work, by long hours, inventive minds and societal cohesion among their White populations. They are now seen as lifeboats; the overflow populations of a hundred lands pour into them, seeking to stay afloat while we paddle furiously, coming from places which never achieved greatness or wealth. We are expected to support ourselves and them. We are expected to give over our jobs, our homes, our countries, and our European nations to others. And what will we receive in the end?

Every year, White people sustain two-job households while non-White welfare recipients have more children. Those who arrived with pilfered wealth from their homelands, those who came with fantastic tech jobs awaiting them, those who walked in with second-rate medical degrees and lots of family cash, all of them also have more children. Does the world need even more Asians, Africans and "hispanics" and absolutely no more Whites? Is it right that our numbers are decreasing every year, as we postpone or otherwise swear off having children of our own? Should the cultures of others be held up as ideals, while displaying pride in the accomplishments of our own ancestors and our own contemporaries is ridiculed as "racist" or "hateful"?

You must answer these questions for yourselves. But you must answer them soon. Once the time has passed, the book will be closed on our People and our time here will have gone.

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Rich said...

I saw a story recently speaking of Ireland electing its first black Mayor. The lead in to the story begins:

"A Nigerian man who arrived in Ireland as an asylum seeker seven years ago has become the country's first black mayor."

Seemeed relevant to your point about European nations being infiltrated by non-Europeans so, for what it's worth, there it is.

This Nigerian Mayor, Rotimi Adebari, is quoted in the piece as saying, "Ireland is really changing. The immigrant community in the town has been growing, especially since the accession countries joined the European Union on enlargement in 2004."

Full details of that story on BBC News site.