Monday, June 18, 2007

The Other Desert Storm

Right now, we are in the first stages of a revolution. In case anyone from the DHS is wondering, I'm not advocating anything, I'm strictly an observer until my own self-defense comes into play. Judging by what I've seen developing around me, that may not be too far into the future. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Unfortunately, I haven't been, so far.

The United States Senate is about to vote on a bill which will, if passed, allow "twelve" million Mexican criminal immigrants, who are stationed within this country, to gain citizenship. Yes, I said "stationed". Invasions of millions of people are acts of warfare, are they not? If so, we should be using military jargon.

Should the Senators completely go off the rails, they will be in direct and reflective violation of their duties laid out for them in the United States Constitution, Section 8:

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

The militia, in case your high school history teacher didn't get it right, is "us", the adult citizenry. We're the ones the Second Amendment was written for and about:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Mexicans are completely convinced of the correctness of this invasion because they believe, without question, that the United States illegally obtained land rights to Texas, California and other southwestern areas. The U.S. offered to purchase Texas and was denied. When Texas broke free from Mexico and declared its independence, the U.S. offered to add it to the Union, and did so. Defense of the Rio Grande led to the Mexican-American War. This ended with American control of most of the west (after the conclusion of the peacetime Gadsden Purchase). Mexico lost about half its land area.

Today, we are seeing the fulfillment of a predicted "reconquista", or "reconquest" of the same American southwest. The initial ruse was workers coming in to fill low-paying jobs. Then, families who had been ignored by the Mexican government came to get education and medical benefits. This process has been quite beneficial to Mexico; the dirt poor get sent off to America, send much of their money home, take their illnesses north, and further tax the systems already under stress.

The "hispanics" are the largest minority group, and also the fastest growing as a percentage of the overall population. Their legal numbers make up 15% of the people here, or 45-million. Their publicized illegal numbers stand at 12-million, but the true figure is closer to 30-million. Conveying this honestly to an unprepared majority population could result in massive insurrections, so the heat of truth is raised a degree at a time. What those folks will have to contend with is, we have added a fairly organized ethnic bloc of seventy-five million to our land and no one hinted at that until now.

There are protests by illegal aliens demanding "rights" in a country which they have no legal right to stand in. There are American churches defending illegals against expulsion, right now, giving them "sanctuary" as if the American legal system were the perpetrator. Their continued entry is tied to U.S. access to Mexican oil. There are websites promising various forms of retribution against "anglos" when the end comes.

We, as citizens of the U.S.A., have these choices:

1. We can deny the passage of the immigration bill now on the Senate floor and determine the illegals to be criminals.

2. We can pass the legislation, almost all of the current illegals will gain citizenship within the next few years, and they will be entitled to everything you are, including voting for those turncoats who let them stay.

If we take the second road, we are doomed as a citizenry, and we in particular as a People, within these borders. Things will get much, much worse before any brightening if it comes.

If we choose the first, we will have to bring home our troops in order to effect removal of the illegals and defense of the borders. Many of those troops are "hispanic". Will they obey their orders and work for the U.S. Government or decide that's a losing proposition? Assuming they remain loyal, will the 30-million illegals go peacefully? Will the other 45-million "hispanic" citizens join them?

These are questions we are facing right now, tonight. They aren't fantasaical or absurd. They are playing out as we sit here. What will our choice be?

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