Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Zealand Dreams: Fading

For the past several months, I've been trying to find employment in New Zealand, specifically on the South Island. Seems that there are jobs to be had, but those jobs are restricted to the North Island, and more exactly, to Auckland.

Auckland, from all I've been able to gather, is not only a large city, which I abhor per se, but a highly non-European one as well. In fact, as this link shows, New Zealand is being subjected to the same diversification pressures as those applied in all other European-majority countries worldwide. This is on top of the already worked-out European/Maori tenancy. And it's part of the global epidemic we face.

Other, non-European lands are not subject to such border-opening ideology. No one is suggesting that India, Mexico, China, Congo or Indonesia open their cultures to rearrangement from the outside, and certainly not by Europeans. Back in the 1980s, in fact, there was a massive political attack through the world media upon the White inhabitants of South Africa. There was a constant demand that this "racist" majority not be allowed to continue the policies of apartheid, which had kept the races from each others' throats, nor rule over the obvious Black majority there. This ultimately resulted in power being handed over to Blacks by the de Klerk administration.

Since then, every effort, including mass murder, has been directed against Europeans living in Africa, either to have them leave or, barring that, to kill them off. You will not generally read about this in your local news rag. The affected countries have included not only South Africa, but Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), Kenya, Zaire, etc. This kind of genocidal effort is seemingly fine for non-White nations, but woe betide the European people who simply voice opposition to the contemporary invasions of their homelands. Immediately, headlines appear berating their "racism", "hatred" and "intolerance". They are immediately sent to diversity training, and forced into contrition for their desire to maintain their ancestral environment for themselves.

I have read recently of Japan's increasingly non-Japanese immigrant list, and it seems that the Japanese people, rightly, are beginning to find issues with this foreign overlay upon their land and traditions. The internationalist world press has not weighed in on this yet, but rest assured, they will, and they will portray Japanese nationalism as an evil which must be overcome and stamped out. What then will the Japanese people do?

New Zealand's official immigration site stresses their ongoing critical need for infusions of experienced technical people (I have been a programmer since 1974). Yet the general European-ancestry population is expected to decline over time. And technical jobs on the [predominantly European-ancestry] South Island are extremely difficult to find. What should one make of this?

So the relocation I'd hoped to make to that beautiful place may be drifting out of reach. Fate may yet take me there, but in the meantime, I have to shoot for something I can attain with more certainty. Perhaps a move to New Hampshire or Maine, states with some remaining freedoms not yet encroached upon too heavily by local or federal Leftists or their twins, the red-diaper Neo-conservatives, is in order.

Time will tell, and I do have nearly a year to finalize my plans, but I am beginning to ask myself the question, Why move to a country which may become just as politically correct and unlivable as the place in which I already live? Why indeed? Perhaps I must remain to fight on, closer to my birthplace, within the borders of my home country.

Of course, with things coming to a head the way they are, who knows how long this will be the same country, with the same borders and the same people within? As Eric Thomson would say, "Stay tuned!"


Carol said...

Twenty two acres in Maine, Solar Power, a garden, a stream, a wood-working shop, a couple dogs, maybe a couple sheep, and Pygmy Goats...could make a very pleasant base to live and work from.

I agree it doesn't make sense to move from one fire into another. And I'm glad to hear you will continue to fight. It is a part of who you are.

Perhaps something will happen and New Zealand will still happen. If it doesn't, it's good to know you have other options. Next summer will be here before you know it. Either way, you know I'm behind you all the way.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you will not approve this but I thought that I would leave a comment anyway.

Another reason to stay here could possibly be that a blood brother of yours would like to try to salvage his relationship with you. Your newly found brother said a lot of things out of anger, frustration, and selfishness. This brother of yours regrets the lack of compassion and unserstanding he showed for his brother's need for change.

We were born out of the same womb but lived completely different lives raised by two different families. Even though there are great differences between us there are also some outstanding similarities. It would be a crime for us to go back to living our lives apart. We have so much that we can give to one another.

Please forgive me my brother. I really want you back in my life. Let's not destroy all the good that we started together.

I will be happy and proud to be a part of your life no matter where or how you choose to live. I just want to be there with you in some capacity. Whether it be NZ, Me, or NH my world will always be a better place with you in it.