Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Rape of Europe, by Paul Belien

The German author Henryk M. Broder recently told the Dutch Newspaper "DeVolkskrant" that young Europeans who love Freedom, better emigrate. Europe as we know it will not exist twenty years from now.

While sitting on a terrace in Berlin , Broder pointed to the other customers and the passersby and said, "We are watching the world of yesterday."

Europe is turning Muslim.. As Broder is sixty years old he is not going to emigrate. "I am too old," he said. However, he urged young people to get out and "move to Australia or New Zealand . That is The only option they have if they want to avoid the plagues that will turn the old continent uninhabitable."

Many Germans and Dutch, apparently, did not wait for Broder's advice. The number of emigrants leaving the Netherlands and Germany has already surpassed the number of immigrants moving in. One does not have To be prophetic to predict, like Henryk Broder, that Europe is becoming Islamic.

Just consider the demographics.

- The number of Muslims in Contemporary Europe is estimated to be 50 million.

- It is expected to double in twenty years. By 2025, one third of All European children will be born to Muslim families.

- Today Mohammed is already the most popular name for newborn boys in Brussels , Amsterdam , Rotterdam , and other major European cities.

Broder is convinced that the Europeans are not willing to oppose Islamization. "The dominant ethos," he told De Volkskrant, "is perfectly Voiced by the stupid blonde woman author with whom I recently debated.

She said that it is sometimes better to let yourself be raped than to risk serious injuries while resisting. She said it is sometimes better to avoid fighting than run the risk of death."

In a recent Op-Ed piece in the Brussels newspaper De Standard the Dutch(gay and self-declared "humanist") author Oscar Van Den Boogaard refers to Broder's interview. Van den Boogaard says that to him coping with the islamization of Europe is like "a process of mourning." He is overwhelmed by a "feeling of sadness."

"I am not a Warrior," he says, "but who is? I have never learned to fight for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it."

Consider that in all of Europe no one under the age of 65 has picked up arms in defense of their country. That task has been borne by the United States since Hitler surrendered in 1945.

As Tom Bethell wrote in this month's American Spectator: "Just at The most basic level of demography the secular-humanist option is not Working." But there is more to it than the fact that nonreligious people tend not to have as many children as religious people, because many of them prefer to "enjoy" freedom rather than renounce it for the sake of children.

Secularists, it seems to me, are also less keen on fighting. Since they do not believe in an afterlife, this life is the only thing they have to lose. Hence they will rather accept submission than fight. Like the German feminist Broder referred to, they prefer to be raped than to resist.

"If faith collapses, civilization goes with it," says Bethell. That is the real cause of the closing of civilization in Europe .

Islamization is simply the consequence. The very word Islam means "submission" and the secularists have submitted already. Many Europeans have already become Muslims, though they do not realize it or do not want to admit it.

Some of the people I meet in the U. S. are particularly worried about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe . They are correct when they fear that anti-Semitism is also on the rise among nonimmigrant Europeans. The latter hate people with a fighting spirit. Contemporary Anti-Semitism in Europe (at least when coming from native Europeans) is related to anti-Americanism.

People who are not prepared to resist and are eager to submit, hate others who do not want to submit and are prepared to fight. They hate them because they are afraid that the latter will endanger their lives as well. In their view everyone must submit.

This is why they have come to hate Israel and America so much, and the small band of European "Islamophobes" who dare to talk about what they see happening around them. West Europeans have to choose between submission (Islam) or death. I fear, like Broder, that they have chosen submission - just like in former days when they preferred to be Red rather than dead.

Europeans apparently never read John Stuart Mill: "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing is worth a war, is worse."

"A man who has nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance at being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."


My response: Europeans don't hate Americans (or their Israeli mirrors) simply because they're "willing to fight"; MANY Europeans are fully engaged in fighting for their People, but THAT kind of activity is off-limits under the current communo-fascist rule there. Rather, they despise the Americans because of WHY their GOVERNMENT has chosen to fight, and where. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon, Iran and Syria, are NOT being fought for American interests, but for Israeli/Zionist hegemony. The Europeans see that zionist jews like Jack Straw, Nicolas Sarkozy and others are gaining power in their continent, and that such unchecked authority will inevitably lead to both fully open borders and further dilution of European ethnic solidarity (through such schemes as the Sarkozy-proposed Europe/African "trade" alliance), and a simultaneous full-scale support for Israel's murderous actions.

Americans, as a population, are not willing to fight for most anything except their "right" to consume material goods. The average White lemming here knows nothing about history, social sciences, politics or racial identity. He is content to believe whatever CNN, ABC or FauxNews presents as "fact" without question. He has subsumed his natural rights to increasing unConstitutional police-state militarization rather than head to Washington en masse to physically remove the criminals in charge. He wants to "go along to get along", and would rather slit his wrists than "offend" any non-White person. And the government, eager to accommodate him, passes law after law to prevent him from taking meaningful political action.

Unfortunately, I must also part company with Mr. Broder, above, in his advice. New Zealand and, even more, Australia, are subject to the same reductionist policies against their White populations. Last year, Australia had riots at popular Cronulla Beach, in Sydney, pitting White kids against Lebanese muslims; the media blacked it out, blaming the Whites, and the police arrested the White kids. The governments in AUS/NZ are in lockstep with those in Europe (and America), it's just taking a bit longer to make Whites a minority there.


Hal Sawyer said...

The decay of our society has become so clear to many of us, we see that with each passing day our people become more submissive and ruled over by material possesions!
We as a people the greatest race to walk this earth have become twisted and lost in a world of Zionist propaganda and self hatred, many have chosen as this Blog states to give up all hope of racial identity and Pride to bow down to our oppressors instead of losing what they have gained through their service to our Montheistic government that is bent on controlling the masses, if we look at history we see that this has been a chess game, ZOG has been planning and strategically placing themselves in positions of power for centuries, ie, banking schooling media government and so on, now they think it is checkmate! Wrong! to them we are cattle meant to serve them and be slaves!
I am no slave! My people are not slaves we are not the submissive sheep that society portrays us as, we are the Warriors, the scholars, the brightest free thinking minds that have or will ever walk Midgard (earth) we must take back our rightful place and scream into the face of our enemies I will not Bow I will not fall away in fear or selfloathing I am Proud to be a European and I will not perish for this earth without a fight!
I will give my lifes blood my last breath for Freedom and I know there are many of us out there and we are getting stronger with each day preparing for Ragnarok! That great battle when we will stand and fight with a fury this world has never know, the fury of our ancestors and those that have gien their very lives for Freedom!

Anonymous said...

If this be true, is there nowhere we can go to be free? And if there is no place to go and be free, just how many of us will it take to beat down those that have taken our freedom from us? Tis a shame we are so widespread...

Richard said...

There was much to ponder in that piece (and in your reply as well) but the element that most affected me during my first reading was this:

"I am not a Warrior," he says,
"but who is? I have never learned
to fight for my freedom. I was
only good at enjoying it."

What one is, is not necessarily defined by how one presently behaves; we all are more than our behavior.

That said, what one is may be glimpsed by our willingness to do that which is expedient given the present circumstances. While the Dutch author may not be a Warrior at present because he "never learned" (a fair statement, imo, though hardly an excuse not to learn NOW), I wonder: is he willing to learn NOW that he knows and sees the facts of this matter?

That willingness, or lack thereof, says more to me about the author than his past or even his confession.