Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stand And Deliver

In the 1900 census, people of European ancestry comprised a bit under 35% of the world's population. Apart from our almost entirely homogeneous homelands in Europe, we, as an aggregate People, were the primary majority in North America, Australia and New Zealand. The population explosions in India and China had not yet happened, and would not until Western science, medicines, health care and sanitation measures were adopted there.

In those days, Europeans were fractionated, divided ethnically and fighting over various imperial states, and over land disputes within the European continent. In the United States, Whites held an 89% majority, with Blacks making up almost all of the remainder.

As the populations of other nations in other continents began to swell, White populations began to stagnate. Then came the wars: World War One, a.k.a. "The Great War", or "The War To End All Wars". In that foolish conflict borne of interethnic jealousies and petty grievances, and financed on both sides by the Rothschilds and other alien banksters, almost 20 million people died, and almost all of those were Europeans and their kin. Twenty million White people who would never be parents perished, and with them their unborn posterity.

Just over twenty years later, after simmering without resolution, the resumption of war engulfed the same nations, this time armed with more lethal weaponry, yet financed by the same people. Not counting the death claims of the Asiatic jews living in Europe, the White death toll was about 62 million men, women and children.

In two generations, Europe lost eighty-two million of her children, and thus all of their children...who would never be.

After the war, we remained, as before, the absolute majority in our lands. But in the 1950s, our nations began to crack. The British government began to extend citizenship rights to Commonwealth members, to West Indians, East Indians and Arabs in the former colonial entities. And they began to arrive in the British Isles, first as a trickle, then in droves.

In America, the Eisenhower administration began the relentless drive to exterminate segregation in neighborhoods, schools and the workplace. Formerly White public schools were opened to Black children, at National Guard gunpoint. White universities were forced to admit Black undergraduates. White employers were no longer able to hire and fire employees at will from companies they owned, nor were White homeowners allowed to sell their homes to whomever they chose. So-called affirmative action programs began, along with other plans to elevate "the underprivileged" to "White status"; these programs, along with the expanding Social Security scam, were referred to, with no small irony, as "entitlements". Curiously, no such programs were imposed on Black institutions. Nor Black businesses. Nor Black neighborhoods. Yet, White people did not invade, nor even appear to any extent in, those places. Why, you might ask, is that?

While this was going on, migrant workers from Mexico began the first stirrings of labor organization. Although not citizens, and in the country by the grace of the government, they began to believe they were somehow entitled (there's that word again) to benefits which were never due them.

As the 1960's progressed, other countries back in Europe began to open their doors to non-European immigration. Germany started its infamous "Gastarbeiter" (guest worker) program, admitting manual laborers from Turkey and other Asian countries in response to the spurious claims of the Leftists in power that there were simply not enough Germans willing to do the work (sound familiar, America?). France opened its borders to Algerians, Moroccans and those from the Ivory Coast. And so it spread across the continent.

Fast forwarding to 2007, Britain is increasingly non-White. London now has a White plurality, no longer a majority. Germany is 11% non-White. France, where it's forbidden by law to publish racial statistics (and why is that, again?), is estimated to be 13% non-White, although some estimates reach 18%. In Goteborg, Sweden, there are muslim-majority areas which are "no-go" zones for Swedes. Holland, with its burgeoning Indonesian and other Asian populations, is expected to be majority non-White within another two generations. I read recently a prediction from a credible source that, barring a change in course, a similar fate awaits Russia: by 2070, they too will be a minority in their own land.

The "Scottish National" [sic] Party has top administrators who are Asians. These are second, and now third, generation residents who somehow consider themselves "Scots". Meaning, I suppose, that if I were to move to China, in two generations my descendants would transmogrify, genetically, into Chinese.

America, in 107 years, went from 89% White, 10% Black, 1% Other; to 62% White, 15% "hispanic" (Western hemisphere mestizo), 13% Black, 7% Asian, and 3% Other. And these numbers are probably inflated on the White side; it doesn't take into account the 15-30 million illegal Mexicans, nor many of the East Indian and Chinese H1b visa holders who never left when their visas expired 15-20 years ago, nor the others from various countries smuggled in through our non-existent borders.

The grimmest statistic isn't even included among these. It's our percentage of the world's population that is of gravest concern. We have plummeted from over a third of all the alleged Homo sapiens on the planet to just 8.5%. That's all.

If White people were an 8.5% minority in America, do you suppose the new majority would extend the same overarching rights to us, as a minority, as we did to them? Do you suppose we'd be protected, provided with special laws for our benefit, granted monies for school, home ownership and business start-ups? If not, why not?

When we were absolute majorities in our own lands, when we could insulate ourselves and live among our kin, we were, in a sense, protected. We had our "walls" around us, and we were with family. We always took it for granted, and we fought among ourselves, sometimes viciously, as families often do. Germans fought French, English fought Irish, Swedes fought Norwegians. We held asinine grudges against members of our own blood. And in many places where our heads are still firmly lodged in our hindquarters, such as Northern Ireland or Quebec, we still do.

As our homelands are being overtaken by non-European, non-White populations, with "our" governments complicit and aiding the incoming masses, we are faced with a problem. The ship we have been sailing upon, filled with our kinsmen, has no port to sail to. Europe, our ancestral home, is being taken from Europeans, and by extension, from White people worldwide. All of the White majorities are dropping in both relative and absolute numbers. And while the immigrants are being stuffed into place, our children are encouraged to outbreed with non-White partners.

Of the population of America, for instance, about 100-million people are young Whites of child-bearing age. If all of those kids accept the mantra of racial merging, we will have lost them and their lineage forever. In one swoop, nearly twenty percent of all the White people alive on the Earth will be, in effect, gone. Thus, once the remaining European-Americans die off, we will literally cease to exist within our former place on this continent.

If the 50-million White males in this example were all, as trendiness and countless shows on the HGTV and MSNBC networks dictate, to have children with Asian women, we will not only have lost those men, but the 50-million-plus White children who would have been theirs. Those men alone represent just under 10% of all White people on Earth. The 50-million Asians, though, are but a tiny fraction of their race. The loss of their offspring will not be missed or even noticed. In the Chinese homeland, most parents, restricted to one child, have not have chosen to bear females anyway. In their minds, better for the women to be blended away, far away.

We are no longer having enough babies to replace our existing populations. White women are putting off childbearing longer, often permanently. When they do have children, they are often having them with non-White men. Our population, therefore, continues to decline. However, this is not the case for all people, as this article shows

Between now and 2050 world population growth will be generated exclusively in developing Countries

Between now and the middle of the next century world population will most likely increase by some 3.68 billion people - all of these increase will be contributed by the developing countries (see Table C1_2). In fact, the population of the developed nations as a group will most likely decline by almost 10 million people between now and the year 2050 - according to the UN medium variant projections. Most of this population growth in the developing world will occur during the next 30 years: between 1995 and 2025 the population in developing countries will increase by 2.3 billion; between 2025 and 2050 it will "only" grow by 1.39 billion.

A man named David Lane, who died recently in Federal prison, wrote some verses several years ago as a tribute both to our women and our future generations. Those verses read:
We must secure the existence of our People, and a future for White children, that the beauty of the White, Aryan woman will not perish from the Earth.
[Note: 'Aryan' comes from the Farsi word for "noble", and was a term the Persians, our racial cousins, applied to themselves. It is not, despite the rhetoric of the unbridled, a 'racist' term].

When we were secure in our lands, when we held a majority status there, when we could determine our own lives and direction without interference from outsiders, from illegal criminal aliens, from the media and the internationalists, it was okay for us to squabble and fight.

Today, there can be no fighting over English travesties of two hundred years ago, or German intrusions of the 1940s, or French sovereignty in Canada. Today, we must put aside tribal labels and unify in action as one People, the children of Europa. We must take action to prevent and reverse the crushing pressure upon our nations which tries to grind them into dust. We must stand against the oppressors who smother us with dispossessive, destructive and genocidal policies. Otherwise, soon, we will be a dusty footnote in the history of human existence, staring back across the Rainbow Bridge in grieving at our mistakes.


Carol said...

You are an inspiration, a warrior, a man of the earth, and my best friend! I am very proud of you. Thank you for bringing this important information to us all. I know at times it is not easy, but as long as there are people like you who care enough, there is a chance we can survive. Carry on, my dear, carry on!

Norseblod said...

Carol's comment pretty well summed it up. I could not have said it better myself. Thank you for constaintly opening my eye's.

Big Heathen said...

Have you read the Sword of Truth novels? An extremely similar situation is described in them. I think it's the fourth novel that illustrates what could happen if we were to fall like that. Also, the underlying struggle in the entire series (which, sadly, ends with the next book) is one of a dogmatic, brutal religion known as "The Imperial Order", and it smacks of Zionism. A good read, and one I think is very relevant to our situation.

Keep opening our eyes and minds, Brother!