Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Envision Invasion

(Originally posted 4/19/2007)

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There are a few things in this graphic which are a little off or misleading.

First, legal Latinos, a.k.a. "hispanics", are about 15% of the population, not 12.5%. Secondly, there is no accounting here of the illegal "hispanic" population, which may be as high as 30-million, or another 8-10% of the total U.S. populace.

Second, using "job relocation" programs, the Feds are literally pushing "hispanics" into the rural American heartland. These people are being hired (off the books, in most cases) by unscrupulous business owners in the farming, meatpacking and other farm-related operations in places like Iowa and Missouri. This has also been true in the Pacific northwest, especially in Washington.

Third, true Spaniards are not "hispanic", they are White Europeans. "Hispanic" is an pseudo-racial designator dreamed up by the Census Bureau which attempts to avoid being a racioethnic descriptor in some of their data event though it's a mixed-racial super-grouping. It was in fact originally to be used to describe Central and South American "mestizo" (mixed White and Asiatic-origin native populations), or "Brown" people. In the U.S., these are overwhelmingly Mexicans.

In general Census data, the Bureau uses it to obfuscate data by combining "hispanic" and White populations, only segregating it out as "non-hispanic origin White". The problem, of course, is that White people are already de facto "non-hispanic". This is also true in Dept. of Justice violent crime statistics, where "hispanic" victims of crimes are segregated, but "hispanic" perpetrators are merged under the "White" category. This has the dual effect of masking true crime levels of "hispanics", while simultaneously and falsely inflating White violent crime statistics.

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