Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Several months ago, I put the idea of moving to another state on the table. I absolutely despise almost everything about the People's Republic of New Jersey, although I was born and raised here. Our population density is 1200 people per square mile, and we are like caged rats. Road rage is common. Violent crime is quite high. The state is literally running out of room to build homes in many counties. I can't imagine staying here any longer than absolutely necessary.

So, after several visits to the north country, I'd thought of moving up to New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine. The area that appealed to me was along the Canadian border. It's quiet, very open, few people, with lots of land. There are lots of forests, lakes and mountains.

The problem came down to the very idea of remaining in the United States. The people in power are creating a country steeped in fear and terror. Their terror. This country simply is no longer the place where I grew up, and sadly, it's becoming a place I no longer want to live in. My kids live with their mother and we are growing apart as time goes by and they get older. Thus, I'm left with decisions which will focus on and affect my own life.

The political landscape, which used to charge me with ideas and challenge me to find solutions for problems facing myself, my family and our People, has gone to seed. I can't maintain my bearings any longer. I feel, more each passing day, that the fight, the struggle to alleviate the burdens being placed not only on White Americans, but all Americans, and in fact, all people in the Western world, is completely and utterly futile. Perhaps if there were some indication of a ground-swell, if there were any stirrings of true patriotism, I would keep my shoulder to the wheel and fight on. But the masses of asses prefer to keep their noses in the feedbag while their very lives are being taken by the state, along with their money, their dreams and their dignity. Few care, and that's become more obvious.

About a month ago, I began to think of a place where I might be able to capture some of the serenity I'd hoped to attain by this age. As I've said, being over 50, I would so much prefer to take long walks, garden, talk with friends and relax on the porch, instead of posting blogs, writing letters, editing websites and urging resistance among the unconcerned. And so I shall, in greater measure. I have granted myself that luxury and will leave more of the heavy lifting to younger White warriors who may have some fighting desire for change left in them.

My target is New Zealand. Specifically, the place I'd like to permanently hang my hat is the south island, and even more to the point, somewhere outside the city of Dunedin. There were many factors that figured into my decision to pursue this relocation.

  1. The undeniable, rugged physical beauty of the place. The Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand, and every outdoor scene radiates majesty.
  2. The "kiwis" are very diligent in protecting the environment they have.
  3. The population on the south island is quite low, with lots of open space.
  4. The Southern Alps are the dominant natural feature.
  5. There's great surfing, diving and boating there.
  6. Staying within New Zealand, one can run the gamut from sub-antarctic to sub-tropical climates within a couple days' drive.
  7. The official language is English, so no linguistic issues, and everyone has to learn it.
  8. Dunedin is large enough to provide employment, but small enough to easily get far away from.
  9. It's in the southern hemisphere, so any fallout from the nuke war Israel's working on causing will not land there on the prevailing winds (no kidding).

  • The New Zealand immigration agency has a questionnaire that must be completed, and each question answered adds points that count toward a letter of admission, which in turn leads to a residence card, which in turn leads to permanent residence and possible citizenship. At this point, all I need is a job offer and I will have more than enough points to get admitted and start my new life.

    It's not paradise, certainly, but it's the only alternative to the downward spiral caused by the criminals in D.C. And, no matter who's elected next year, the system will continue to deteriorate and life, especially for the White middle class, will be debased further. I can't stomach that thought.

    So, the next year will be spent paying off my remaining debt, cleaning out all the non-essential items from my inventory, saying goodbyes to those I'll leave behind, and preparing myself for an entirely new paradigm. If everything works out, by the will of the gods and the weaving of the Norns, I will be leaving the U.S.A. at the end of July 2008. The next 12 months will be the real test.

    Now, I just need to find a job in Dunedin...

    Carol said...

    As you know, I believe your happiness is the most precious thing you can own. You have worked hard for your beliefs. You have made a big difference in many, many lives. If you are ready to relax, than you deserve to relax. You are a very special man. And you are right, it's time for someone else to take the reins. It's time for you to do what is going to give you peace and happiness. I support your decisions 100%. I say "Go for it!"

    Anonymous said...

    The mind knows alone what is nearest the heart
    and sees where the soul is turned:
    no sickness seems to the wise so sore as in nought to know content.
    -Havamal 98

    If it makes you happy, let no man stop you.

    Yggdrasil Zine

    Anonymous said...

    That sounds good, Bro. Matter of fact, I think the company I work for has a facility in NZ.... Might be an option for me and mine as well.


    Anonymous said...

    I can only wish you the best, and say that I think NZ is a great choice.
    I hope that after your move you still stay in contact with every one of your friends on myspace, because it would be a terrible loss to all of us if we could not occasionally here your wise words, and sage advise.
    Personally I have grown and become more aware since my short tenure on myspace, and more specifically since having you as one of my friends.
    Best wishes, and may the Gods always be with you.

    Cleve Alldredge “Norseblod”

    Richard Harlos said...

    With such impeccable rationale and pure motives, how can the universe NOT smile on your plan?

    You mentioned NZ and LOTR and I'm reminded of a quote that just so resonates with me:

    "Not all who wander are lost."

    Very best wishes to you in all that you want to accomplish before the big move!

    Anonymous said...

    waiting for next post