Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whoring Around

In an old joke, a man and his wife are trying to discern what path their young son will take. They place a bible, a $20 bill and a bottle of whiskey on the table. The father says, "If he picks up the money, he'll be a businessman. If he picks up the bible, he'll be a preacher. And if he takes the whiskey, he'll be an entertainer." The boy walks to the table. He grabs the bible, stuffs the money in his pocket, takes a swig of the whiskey and heads out the door. "Goodness!", exclaims his father, "the boy's gonna be a politician!"

In reality, while politicians are often entertainers, and even more often invoke higher powers for the benefit of their constituents, politics isn't about campaigns or speeches or sexual indiscretions with interns. It's about power.

The inherent aim of government is to increase its authority over the population it is trying to control. The Founders understood this implicitly. In crafting the Constitution, they understood the balance between the novel concept of individual (as opposed to inherited, or titled) rights, and the attempts by central government to accumulate power. With that, they laid out a structure in which the powers delegated to the Federal government by the States were plainly spelled out. As previously noted, "delegation" is not something subordinates can do, so the Founders clearly saw the States as the more powerful entity. They correctly understood that the more local the authority is, the more closely it will be watched, and opposed if needed, by the citizenry.

Further, in Amendments 9 and 10, the Founders unequivocally stated that any and every power and responsibility not granted to the Federal government was left to the States and their residents. The Constitution was intentionally written in very plain language which could be, and was, easily understood by the People; it would be read aloud at assemblies, town meetings, and in churches across the country.

Of course, as predicted by Jefferson, almost as soon as the ink dried on the Constitution, the various branches of government began to expand their limited roles. This continued from Marbury v. Madison, to the illegally-waged Civil War (or more properly, War of Southern Revolution), to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and unConstitutional transfer of control of America's money supply to them, to the questionable passage of Amendment 16 (the Income Tax), to the New Deal and institutionalized socialism, to today's illegal and illicit undeclared wars around the world.

In the world of prostitution, the rules are simple: the customer, or "john", pays a sum of money, and the prostitute performs a service. Everyone knows the game and everyone goes away satisfied.

In the world of political prostitution, certain individuals get together and "lobby" the Congress or the President (or in several cases, the Supreme Court justices, who are supposed to be immune from such things). The term "lobby" is a polite euphemism for another polite euphemism, "campaign contributions". Those, of course, are cash payments. The process is the same as out in the back alleys of hookers. Only the results are different. The lobbyists want certain laws passed, or blocked. The politicians will vote for whichever laws make them the most money. In many cases, there is no recorded vote, merely "acclamation", which means that if the "Ayes" are loudest on the floor, the vote carries. This relieves the politicians of embarrassing paper trails, gets them their loot, and they can claim voting either way as suits them.

Recently, there was an attempt by the Senior Traitor from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, along with co-traitor Jon Kyl from the Mexican Territory of Arizona, to push through a piece of legislation which would make official the resident status of 12-million (their number; actually closer to 30-million) illegal, criminal Mexican invaders. There were some unenforceable sops to the sheep, some minor catches to legal residence. But on the whole, it was an amnesty for breaking federal law and a "get-in-line" pass for the illegals. Unfortunately for Messrs. Kennedy & Kyl and their Mexican-employing businessmen friends, the American people somehow awoke from their haze of American Idol, Paris Hilton and Obama's autobiography, and demanded the sinking of the bill. The House of Representatives, closer to the people and with 2-year terms, immediately passed a motion to reject the bill before it even made it out of Senate committee. Several Senators who had cheerfully smiled while supporting the bill did an abrupt about-face. The bill died, was resurrected in slightly different form, and died again. One of the two jewish Senatorial Traitorettes from Mexifornia, Dianne Feinstein, called the bill's opponents racist and hateful. Her Senate sister, Barbara Boxer, also condemned the media for calling it an "amnesty bill". It would, to be sure, legalize illegals, but hey, they'd have to pass driving tests and register for Social Security, so how is that amnesty?

The problem we face, along with these naked attempts to flout the Constitution and its laws that these swine were sworn to protect when elected, is the explosive growth of political action committees, or "PACs". The largest of them in terms of dollars spent to buy political whores are:
* The AARP, which lobbies for more handouts and giveaways to seniors;
* The NRA, which is trying to walk the line between the 2nd Amendment and the socialist confiscation of all private weapons, while making its executive board wealthy;

and, the one which is most worrisome...

* AIPAC, which is the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Every politician who hopes to remain in high office supports and defends AIPAC, attends its fund-raisers, gives speeches in support, and so on. This includes members of both parties: Bush, Cheney, Rice, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Pelosi, you name them, they're in the ring, stumping for AIPAC. Why?

The United States allows Israeli scientists and military technologists nearly unrestricted access to advanced weaponry and codes. We supply them, at cost, with the latest weapons, tanks, aircraft and so on. Israel receives classified IFF identification numbers from the U.S. military every year, which identify their aircraft to our side as "friendlies". Every year, the U.S. "forgives" nearly all previously agreed-to "loans", at least in part, owed by Israel. They are a party to all intelligence we've gathered from all operations worldwide. "Our" Director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, is the son of a rabbi and holds dual Israeli-American citizenship.

Most importantly, the U.S. gives Israel around $5-billion every year in direct foreign aid. And the Israelis, through AIPAC, use that U.S. taxpayer money buy the whores in "our" government who will do their bidding. That bidding includes, for instance, the 4000 dead American sons and daughters involved in the undeclared war of American aggression against Iraq, where we are now building four large, permanent bases. It also includes the ramping-up of aggression against Iran, with a third aircraft carrier group sent there recently. Other future targets include Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We are also, at the behest of Tel Aviv (which despises the nationalistic Vladimir Putin), attempting to emplace offensive missiles in Poland, facing Russia.

The Iranian targeting is based on Iran's refusal to stop producing nuclear reactors, which the Iranians insist are being manufactured as internal power plants. The UN's original inspection of the plans tended to agree with that assessment. However, because they could, 8-10 years downstream, be used to produce nuclear bomb materials, Israel (and so the United States) demands they cease.

Israel, meanwhile, has at least 200 nuclear bombs of its own, refuses UN weapons inspection, operates a biological warfare research facility at Dimona which is specifically prohibited by Geneva Convention rules, and has stated that, if Israel "feels threatened", it will launch nuclear weapons at "undisclosed targets" (the "Samson Option"); most of the missiles have European targets.

The "johns" in America, the taxpayers, think they are paying taxes to operate legitimate government. But the "whores" in D.C. are getting bigger checks from others whom they also see as "johns", but are really their "pimps", and the pimps are paying for America to do things which are in direct opposition to America's traditions and best interests, which have already indelibly stained us, may bankrupt us, and could kill us off. At that point, the pimps will close up shop and look for new whores, as they seem to be doing in China.

Will we allow them to continue, or will we rise up as with the amnesty bill and demand that America be run, again, by Americans?

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Carol said...

I can't tell you how proud I am to know you. So few people understand and even fewer have the guts to stand up and make a statement. We are in serious trouble if things don't change. There is a sickness spreading through our government. We must find a cure. Keep up the good work. I love hearing your words. They light a fire in my soul.