Sunday, July 8, 2007


Many of us, especially males, remember the school bullies. There were, of course, the routine types, who might knock your books out of your hands for fun, or trip you, and so on. Those clowns were simply insecure, and took it out on others whom they knew could not stop them. When they weren't around, they didn't spend time thinking about you, and simple avoidance usually solved the problem.

There was another kind of bully, though, a more psychopathic variety. These guys were deadly serious, and targeted certain kids as if preprogrammed to do so. They would place a kid in a bad situation, challenge him, merely to have an excuse to pummel their chosen victim. They would taunt the kid, shove him, put him in a place where he had to at least try to push or punch his way out. And then, this bully would administer the coup de grace, and plaster a wall with his victim's face.

We are now faced with a similar group of bullies who operate from positions within government.

They create laws which oppress people, take their money (in the form of limitless taxes), open the doors of their homelands to others from anywhere else, and emplace law upon law to restrict or remove freedoms under various disguises. They pronounce edicts without any restraint, proclaim themselves the final arbiters of power, and tighten their nooses upon the necks of the people.

Just like the determined bully, they shove us, slap us, demean us and provoke us. And they dare us to respond.

To keep us from doing just that, they employ their paid agents in the innumerable agencies, all armed and dangerous, from the local police to the courts to the various federal agents. They declare legitimate, reasoned dissent to be "terrorism". They consider any efforts by any group to break free to be treason, punishable, as in 1861, by unrestricted warfare. They pass laws prohibiting the free exercise of alternate opinions, and fine, jail or simply kill any person or group which challenges them. In short, they use the constant threat of financial, social or physical force to curtail any negative responses from the populace.

The weapons of the bullies are many: open borders and the continual attempts at amnesty for border-jumpers, growing intrusion into personal business (including emails, internet access and telephone conversations), "No-knock" entries by law enforcement, asset forfeiture laws, increasing pressures for "hate speech" laws, secret trials, the USA-PATRIOT Act, the Military Commisions Act, the North American Union scheme, the ramping up of taxes and penalties for avoidance, the growing attacks upon peaceful nations who have done nothing to us, the alienation of potential allies around the world, and all of this under the aegis that anyone who dares to confront the President, Congress or Supreme Court will be considered an enemy and dealt with accordingly.

Congress has abandoned its duty to remove this Constitution-defiling President by impeachment, the Supreme Court will not rule against his imperial edicts, and elections are 1.5 years away. How much more damage will the megalomaniac, psychotic, power-mad, alcoholic frat boy do to the integrity, character and future of the former Republic of the U.S.A. by 2009 when he finally steps down?

Or will he step down? Or create a new "terror" plot to usurp continuing control of government and abolish the election process altogether?

The massive clampdown upon liberty, such as we have seen in recent years, may delude the authorities, already drunk with power, into believing that they have a handle on things. But it is the calm before a very dangerous, expensive and explosive storm of response. John Wilkes Booth, the actor who'd had enough and took matters into his own hands against the dictatorial Abraham Lincoln, declared when he shot the President, "Sic semper tyrannis!", or "Thus is it ever with tyrants!". Once government fails to act in the interests of the People, Jefferson said, it is incumbent upon them to replace it.

My prediction is, the people under such bullying, the people of the United States and the rest of the Western world, will soon find the resolve to face the bullies who are forcing them against the wall. They will see an uprising which may be triggered by another "shot heard 'round the world". In the world of bullies, there can be no other outcome.


jewellee said...

Yes, it can only have this outcome. It is only a matter of time.

Now that Bush is safe from impeachment, we, the whole world, are all in danger. He doesn't even try to hide his blatent disregard for the law or American rights, anymore. This is dangerous. This, to me, means whatever we do has to happen soon. He still has 1.5 yrs to screw us. Too much can happen in that amount of time.

Bullies can only be stopped in one way... by standing up and MAKING them stop.

Kudos? Since I don't see a spot for them...3

Richard Harlos said...

"Just like the determined bully, they ... provoke us. And they dare us to respond."

Indeed. And let the reader purge any thought of organizing a group; gov't can and will infiltrate and crush such a group.

There is another response: a united, yet autonomous, response loyal not to a leader, but to an idea.

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." --Victor Hugo.

A true citizen and patriot will think independently and act according to conscience.

Norseblod said...

The scary thing is it isn't just the president. Its pretty much all of the politicians trying to convince us they know better than us what is right for us. They really aren’t trying to be subtle about it anymore. Things are coming to a head!