Monday, August 20, 2007

The 'W' Word

Imagine that you are an archaeologist. You work alone in a remote dig, and have found a new piece of pottery within a pile of debris. You are impressed by its unusual color and size. But mostly, you are puzzled. It has a handle of some sort, but too small and close to the object to be of much use. There's a small, oval, lipped opening on one side which could be a spout, but might be something else. It's not flat-bottomed, so it can't stand on its own. In short, you have no word available to describe your find.

Words are the only means which humans have to convert thoughts into interpersonal communication. They are based on shared human experience. Anyone who has seen the pet animal we call a "dog" knows what that word represents. But a "dog" might also mean a man without scruples, a physically unattractive woman, or a hold-down clamp on a machine. We further employ context to sort all this out, and this happens automatically in our minds.

So if, in the case of our pottery, we have no means to communicate what our item is, it is at least a physical item which we can photograph, make sketches of, or otherwise prove the existence of by some visual means. This is done all the time with newly discovered tangible items.

But how can we communicate an idea which is completely ethereal, if the word to describe that idea doesn't exist?

In today's world, political correctness has been gaining ground since perhaps the 1960's. Recently, in a media-saturated and rather juvenile display by some public persons, including the mayor of Chicago, Kwame Kilpatrick, the "N-Word" was "buried". The people involved symbolically ended the use of the word, although presumably excluding Black rappers, who would largely be unemployed were they so restricted in their speech. As we know, it's ok when Blacks call Blacks "nigga", but woe betide any non-Black person who does so.

In 21st Century AmeriKwa, the First Amendment only protects those whom the political elite says it does.

For non-White people in this land and elsewhere, taking pride in one's heritage and one's people, their accomplishments and achievements, is strongly encouraged. A film which expands upon this concept is "Whale Rider", about a Maori tribal group in New Zealand. The movie centers around the group's customs, traditions and history. The interconnectedness of the group with its ancestors is emphasized. It's a beautiful story, well produced and engaging. It's a story line which should be available to all people of all nations. But it's not.

White people face a new problem in the modern world, one not encountered before. The means for a White man to express pride in his origins, his people, his race, are being curtailed. This takes various forms, but the most insidious involve restrictions on speech.

Putting the words "White" and "pride" (or may the heavens forbid, "White" and "power") together in a sentence generally results in a rabidly negative reaction from the authorities and their supplicants among the sheeple. One may, in certain contexts, be "proud" to be Irish (on St. Patrick's Day), Italian (on Columbus Day, although Columbus is being rapidly denigrated), German (during Oktoberfest, but nowhere else) and so on. But on a racial level, one is completely forbidden to express any kind of positive feelings.

Because of this, young White people are faced with a quandary. If they are unable to freely and properly express a love of, pride in, or respect for their race under any circumstances, what will they do? If the very phrase "White pride" becomes synonymous with "hate", "prejudice", "racism" or some other buzzword, how can they express that emotional concept? If the positive is automatically deemed the negative, what then?

Again, if the words don't exist, how can the thought behind them be transmitted?

What we see instead is, a redirection of "pride" on the part of young Whites. They avoid "White" cultural and social outlets, and become enamored of such venues as rap, or salsa, or hip-hop. They can not express pride in their own people, so they "project" their feelings into areas which are socially and politically acceptable. They take on Black or "hispanic" culture, language and musical taste. They become proponents for non-Whites in general, often assuming direct hostility toward their own People. These are the so-called "whiggers", White youths who no longer relate to being White, and their numbers are increasing. There are even groups, such as "Good Night White Pride", whose often-White membership diligently work to erase any sense of White identity.

The bonds which exist between these young people and those who came before them are broken. They are our future. If they are lost to us, if there is no one to carry on the traditions, the values, the work ethic handed down to us, we are doomed.

We must teach our sons and daughters to be proud of their heritage, exactly as others are taught, and we must never let a small group of troublemakers define what we can or cannot say about ourselves. Those words must never be lost to us.


Erin said...

Amazing!!! I agree with everything you just said, and I love the beginning about the pottery.

Carol said...

Very true - everything you say. And the most important part of it all is in the last paragraph. As parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, neighbors - it is our duty to our ancestors and to our future to never allow the white race to be eliminated. We must teach the youth of today to have pride in who they are and stand up for themselves as a noble, strong and proud race. If we give up. If we give in...we are doomed. This brings to mind words I hold dear in my heart..."Carry on...Carry on...Fight the good fight, be true. Believed in your mission, greet life with a cheer. There's big work to do and that's why your here." Carry on Joe. You've have done wonderful work. This is your battle and you are a warrior among your white brothers and sisters. You are earning your place in Valhalla! Thank you for keeping the light turned on.

Anonymous said...

Rick...Thanks Joe,you never fail to inspire!!!