Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MommySpace Knows Best, Children

Yesterday, in a Myspace bulletin, I attempted to post this link to a Yahoo article entitled YouTube criticized over Neo-Nazi clips, about the efforts by jewish groups in Germany to censor, via lawsuit, YouTube-Germany for posting some videos which the groups claim, as they usually do in the face of opposition, "incite hatred". I made the mistake of including that link as a clickable reference. I included some questions about the content of the article, the buzzwords used, and the utter lack of any substantive proof behind almost all of the claims listed. This is essentially what I wrote (with the Yahoo piece above added as a clickable link):

Video-sharing Web site YouTube has met with harsh criticism in Germany for hosting clips that incite racial hatred, according to a news report due to be broadcast on German public TV late on Monday.
Do these clips incite hatred, or are they expressions of anger by the people posting them? Who are the people "incited" to "hatred"? "Hatred" of whom?

More than 60 years after the Holocaust, Germany is grappling with a rise in support for Nazi ideas. Neo-Nazi violence in Germany has reached its highest level since reunification in 1990.
What are "Nazi ideas"? Do "Nazis" include only sieg-heiling, goose-stepping Hitlerites, or also people who, for instance, protest the unchecked invasion of Europe by non-White, non-European people, or are perhaps tired of their nations being ruled by aliens? Are "Nazis" only National Socialists, or are they really just White people who retain racial self-identity and refuse to be cowed? Who is measuring such violence, and how is it determined that it's "Neo-Nazi"?

And who is more dangerous? "Neo-Nazis" who may get into a few fights or even cause a few fatalities on an individual basis, or a group of fascistic zionists who place Israel at the center of the American foreign policy, start unprovoked wars with their neighbors which have killed over 4000 young Americans, routinely kill Palestinian children, and then hide behind anti-Semitism and the holocaust stories when called out? Who is more a threat to freedom, those who speak out against destructive politics, or those who censor them?

That's all. Nothing new or earth-shattering, just some questions about the content and phrasing of the article.

Myspace, or as I prefer to call it, "MommySpace", has implemented a system of link replacement called "MSPLinks", ostensibly to deter spammers. Whenever a web link is emplaced in a page, bulletin or blog entry, their system automatically replaces the link with an internal reference link. This does nothing at all to inhibit spam, which is everywhere prevalent on MommySpace. What it does do is give the MommySpace censors the ability to automatically restrict the links and prevent their distribution.

In my case, said bulletin was never posted for public view, and was internally deleted, and I got a familiar "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN PHISHED!" notice, requiring a password change. This is never a coincidence, because in my case it's almost never a real possibility. The only way an account can be "phished", or taken control of, is if a user logs into a phony shell site with an interface that LOOKS like the Myspace login page. Once the duped user enters login and password info, the phisher has access to their page and can post bulletins, etc. with links to the phisher's website and so on. Phished pages do happen, but they're rare. And in most cases, Myspace never notifies the truly phished users of anything.

Several people have had bulletins, blogs and posted links removed because they were anathema to MommySpace's ultra-Leftist, New World Order mindset. For instance, I had previously received the "PHISHED!" notice after attempting to post an article about Myspace's refusal to work with authorities in catching child predators who use the service. One guy even posted a video on YouTube about their practice of censoring Ron Paul supporters by the use of the phony phishing scheme:

MommySpace prefers its subjects to be dumb, happy and fascinated by Lindsay Lohan and the latest emo bands. Its primary purpose is to garner revenue for News Corp., and its principal, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch, a megamillionaire of jewish descent who's based in Australia, despises anything that puts a stick in the spokes of the One World government schemers. He and his minions will do anything required to prevent the dissemination of information harmful to his aims, his companies' revenue streams, and his political and ethnic kindred. The MommySpace censors will delete profiles which contain no TOS violations, and leave untouched many which do, all on the basis of political content.

All I can say, in the most free speech I know, is...FUCK 'EM!

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