Monday, January 19, 2009

Other Options

During a lull in my work activity, I spent some time listening to a YouTube video by a fellow representing a "survival" site, which shall remain nameless. The guy rambled on a bit about his site, and then launched into an impromptu disclaimer. The statement, which I have heard many times on many sites in many forms was, essentially, "this information is presented for entertainment purposes and under no circumstances are we advocating violence", etc. etc.

I stopped the video, because my mind generated a divide-by-zero error.

Any site which claims to be for "survivalists" can not, under any circumstances, be opposed to prudent self-defense. To defend oneself, one can be stealthy and avoid confrontation, it's true. But, in the end, self-defense will almost certainly include the use of violence against one or more opponents. Going one step back in time, this requires both equipment and training for one to successfully remain alive and functional.

A true national emergency can happen due to any one of several circumstances: economic collapse, epidemic, large-scale power outages, external attack, wide-ranging internal terrorist acts, and so on. In such instances, while police lockdown or martial law may be imposed, there is no possible way for government to stem the actions of millions of people at once. As with all attempts at enforcing law, the "authorities" are much better at collecting evidence or rounding up offenders after the fact. This won't save anyone in the interim.

Most self-defense situations during national emergencies will NOT be one-on-one. They will involve groups of varying sizes, from a handful to a small army, preying upon individuals or families and having their way with the hapless victims and their property. Many of those instances will involve gangs or other organized criminals. Most of the victims will not be similarly organized, mainly due to the fact that law enforcement goes after the easy targets (a group of 25 White males conducting drills in the woods with Airsoft guns, deemed a "militia", and oppressed by the cops) instead of the actual severe threats to public order (i.e., the 60,000-strong, Black Gangster Disciples or the 50,000-strong, "hispanic" MS-13 operate pretty freely). Keeping our borders wide open for the easy entry of threats has helped the criminals immensely.

Couple this with the fact that, in many Leftist-controlled jurisdictions, responding with firearms even in defense of one's own life or the life of one's family is a felony. Of course, the criminals, who routinely maim or kill people and are often given little punishment for doing so, don't seem to abide by such trivial laws as those restricting gun ownership.

So, I propose something a bit different, without disclaimers and fretting. You may call me an alarmist, a fool or "Chicken Little". No matter.

I encourage every American citizen, and in particular every White American, to arm himself in any way he possibly can. I also encourage practicing in the use of every kind of firearm, from handguns to rifles to shotguns to bazookas, if you have them. One of the government's big pushes will be to attempt to confiscate all firearms. Never forget the old proverb, "A man with a gun is a citizen; a man without a gun is a subject".

I believe the training you undertake should also include basic anti-personnel devices, long-range shooting, use of edged weapons, basic chemical weaponry, and explosives theory. It should stress teamwork, setting up fields of fire, ambush, lateral assault, and squad tactics. Advance warning indicators, such as perimeter tripwires, motion-detection devices, or even the family dog, should be used to best advantage.

It's also a great idea, in my opinion, to learn everything about your neighborhood from a logistical and tactical point of view, and, if possible, to train with your neighbors to develop an encompassing protection plan for all the families in that neighborhood. Include mapping of your area, vantage points, clear areas, shelters, alternate access routes, etc.

When the bottom falls out and things go haywire, they will deteriorate with blinding speed and your world will change in days. We are in a time of relative peace and quiet now, which cannot and will not last.

As I write this, the Federal Zionist Occupation Government is working overtime to keep the lid on the economy and prevent its collapse under the burden of $10-Trillion of debt it can't support. Money is being printed like so much newsprint, and its value is dropping. The Kenyan Pretender is about to take his chieftain's throne, and has made many promises which neither he nor his handlers can possibly keep while maintaining a viable economy. And from everything I've seen of him, Obama and his crew are nothing if not anti-White in their focus.

So, use the time we have to put together your plan of action. Get away from urban areas, from which most of the violence will emanate. If you are staying put, work to reinforce your position, get to know who among your neighbors you can trust in and rely upon, and get your gear in place. Set up fall-back locations and escape routes. If at all possible, avoid having to go to FEMA, police or military "refugee" (detention) centers. Dissolve into the background and avoid all contact with "authorities" whose primary purpose is to dispossess you of your liberties and place you under their absolute control.

If you are planning a bug-out to a new location, get that place set up now if you haven't already. Otherwise, do not expect that you will be treated any differently than the millions of others who will be reacting by flailing about helplessly after the fact.


Reichsmarshal said...

Sound advice. All the more pressing given the predicted economic/social/political collapse of Mexico I just read about the other day. That human refuse may be headed for a neighborhood near you...

Excellent blog, Brother. I wish you would post more often. Words, ideas, and just common sense that is all too lacking in today's PC, multikult world, and like water for a man who has trekked across the vapid desert of media saturation.

jerryIKA said...

first time on your blog. great piece of work. I will be back.

Anonymous said...

Also practice disposal of bodies. Not even being cute -- if you envision yourself having to use illegal weapons of any kind, or to take lives outside the permission of the American armed forces, you had better know what to do with the evidence you tag. Look into acid and chemical-grade barrels or practice digging.

white daisy said...

Thanks for speaking the real. Let's not forget our place as white american warriors. Women standing strong next to their men.
We must not live in fear, the sound of voices of immigrants should make you tremble with rage not fear in order to protect your family, heritage and white American race. If we had a married couple with children who were warriors on one of the planes on 911 things would have went differntly.
There is a time for peace and a time for war so we must change our mentality to one of a