Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why Ron Paul?

Lately, the controlled media has begun to mount a serious campaign of both disinclusion and disinformation about Dr. Ron Paul in his campaign for the Republican party nomination for the Presidency. This comes as no surprise. As the moment, Fox News (or more properly, "Faux News"), is attempting to exercise its usual standards of fairness by excluding Dr. Paul from the Republican forum it's hosting.

While this is enough to set one's teeth on edge, it's just a part-and-parcel tactic of the entrenched power structure. If they fail to televise him, they reason, he will lose any chance of success. They believe that he will be left to give lectures at colleges or on local radio, and be unable to muster any real support. Unfortunately for Murdoch & Co., the new Party-crasher, the internet, is allowing Dr. Paul to propagate a truly grass-roots base of support. The Matrix has holes. And from coast to coast, those pledge-days, such as the recent "Tea Party 2008", raise colossal sums of money for the candidate.

The latest salvo from the MSM news-distortion machines is that Ron Paul should be excluded because he "accepted money from white supremacists" [sic]. The website and its owner, Don Black, gave a sum of money to Dr. Paul's campaign. Of course, the same media refuses to acknowledge that, for instance, Barack Obama's campaign accepted money from both the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam, both anti-White organizations. And that same media suppressed reporting on the Whitewater/Madison S&L money-laundering, kickback and skimming scams of Sen. Hillary Clinton, as well as the sensitive U.S. military satellite technology that her Lothario husband sold to China in exchange for cash under the table.

In fact, White Racialists (please drop the "supremacist" nonsense, that tarnished silver bullet has no effect) support Dr. Paul for the same reason that anyone else who cares about this country does: because, in this time of government repression and mendacity, he represents a return to the values of the extraordinary men and women who were the Founders of these United States. These values resonate not just with any one particular group. But many who stand to lose their "favorite child" status are digging in against him.

For example, Dr. Paul is a privately religious man and an obstetrician by training, who is personally not in support of abortion. Many feminists have alleged that he will "do away with Roe v. Wade". In fact, they're right, but for the wrong reasons and with the wrong outcome in mind. As Dr. Paul has pointed out, the Constitution doesn't empower the federal government to rule on abortion. Per Amendment IX and X, because it's not granted to the feds, decisions about abortion laws reside in the individual States and the people who live in them. That takes the Supreme Court out of the mix as well. So the voters in each state decide, and some states may decide against. Thus in this case, the democratic process, which the feminists and other Leftists publicly support, enrages them.

Another case involves minority preferences and set-asides, such as affirmative action, HeadStart, "No Child Left Behind", RIF and others. There have been 50+ years of such programs and policies involving minorities. These are truly the clearest indication of the inherent true racism of the Left; the neo-Communists firmly believe that, without help from the White majority, minorities can not compete in the modern world. Their programs employ a reduction of excellence in order to create the "level playing field" these folks crave.

Dr. Paul, as a libertarian, believes that we must see each individual through their own merits or faults. He wants to put Martin Luther King's words into practice, judging people purely on the "content of their character". This Constitutionally-sound position says, we do not assume that people of a certain group are unable to function on their own, nor can we shower them with perpetual hand-outs and booster-seats.

This translates into an elimination of many policies now enforced by the feds. Non-White college applicants, for instance, would no longer receive preferences for simply not being White. This would have exactly no effect on many students. But it would ensure that the surgeon about to operate on your heart isn't there because he looked good on the school's diversity report and garnered them more money from the federal trough. Those who had the ability and desire to finish a college program would do so, and their degrees would again matter. Others would pursue trades, crafts, or other respectable work.

In addition, there is no Constitutional provision for unrestricted federal welfare payments. Those who stay at home and sponge would be forced to get jobs. As even Lenin finally admitted in a rare lucid moment, "those who do not work, do not eat". Again, most welfare recipients who are legitimately in need would remain covered, but responsibility for such programs would pass to the State and county level where voters could more closely regulate it.

Lastly, as President, Dr. Paul would take seriously his oath, his pledge to support the Constitution in all its aspects. And he would make this same requirement of Congress. One of their stated duties includes the use of "...the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions" (Article I, Section 8, "Powers of Congress"). "Invasions" would most certainly include the unprecedented and illegal mass entry of perhaps 30-MILLION mostly Mexican criminal aliens. Whatever the reason for their presence, they constitute a de facto invasion force which directly threatens the sovereignty of this country and the "commonweal" of the American people.

Those and many other ramifications of a Constitutionally-based governance are the reasons that anyone who believes in the vision of our Founders, will be voting for Ron Paul in the primaries and in the general election next Fall. And this even includes the proud White people so despised by the media.

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Anonymous said...

I saw CNN pull a stunt the other day about Dr Paul. They were covering illegal immigration and they showed VERY brief clips of Dr Paul but, never said his name until they got to cover La Raza and said it was a hate group and then and only then right behind the quickest mention they said his name, hate group, Ron Paul. I about fell out of the recliner because they way they did it made it appear that Dr Paul was with a hate group.

Coop said...

In his interview on Meet The Press 2 weeks ago Dr. Paul was questioned about receiving Fed funds for his district. The premise was his stand against big government and the big government involvement in states affairs. His response was exactly what Tim Russert didn't want anyone to hear. He said that he has accepted fed funds because it's what his constituents want. Imagine that, a politician doing what the people want him to do, because they elected him. Just think of the turnover in elected government if Dr. Paul's ideals get out. To make the short story long, he understands the concept "We the People".

BigHeathen said...

Damn straight. It's time for a major change.